10 Random Facts about Riley…


Here is some little fun things about my little Riley:

  1. Her nickname is “Buggy”. If anyone accidentally calls Lily by that nickname she gets upset. 
  2. Her favorite color is purple.
  3. She wears glasses and has an insanely high prescription (something like a +5)
  4. She has an amazing ability to memorize things. When she was learning to read she memorized the books before she actually learn to read the words. This also meant that she was the first person in her classes who knew her sight words.
  5. She loves music. LOVES it. I think she gets it from her mama
  6. She is a mess. She never remembers to put her clothes away, flush the toilet, clean her room, etc.
  7. Her favorite food is nachos. Or Wendy’s. She HATES sushi.
  8. Her favorite show is Glee. She has watched every single episode a bajillion times.
  9. She is obsessed with her period. She has not gotten the gift yet (thank goodness) but she is becoming curious. This scares this mama bear. I am not ready for her to grow up!
  10. She loves cowboys. Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday… you name it and she is full of information. Her favorite place to go is Tombstone, Arizona. She even wants to get a tattoo, Mt Rushmore-style, of all her favorite cowboys when she is older. When we were at MommyCon she was so giddy to meet a REAL cowboy! (Thanks Jed! ;-))



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  1. Heather P. -  February 1, 2013 - 11:46 am

    Fun all in one 😉

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