11 Months

Happy 11 month day Atticus! This is your last month being a baby and in 30 short days you will become a toddler. This year has gone by so very fast. I have watched you grow from my tiny eight pounder to a bubbly little fire cracker at upwards of 30” tall! You bring such joy to my life, and I love every moment of being your mommy.

I have been so sad this last month, because the year has gone by so fast. Our 10th month wasn’t exactly an easy one, but we had so much fun discovering new things together. You are now a pro-crawler, climber and side step walker. Today you tried going forward… it wasn’t exactly successful, but it was pretty stinking cute!

You are still chunky and squishy, I bet you are close to 26 lbs now, and just over the 30” mark. Your little self loves to take down daddy’s CD’s, chew on spoons and get into everything! While you might be embarrassed down the road, you love giving dolls kisses. When we went to ABC you gave all the babywearing dolls big kisses on the forehead. You love playing Peek-A-Boo and you think fart noises are the funniest thing ever.

Daddy loves holding you up on his big shoulder, and you love the view from way up high. You also love being upside down. I still wear you all the time and you have got in the habit of biting me. I really don’t like that part, and hope you grow out of the biting stage quickly. You are teething and currently have 4 teeth up top and 3 on the bottom. I have a feeling you are working on a couple more though, because you haven’t been sleeping very well.

Clothes: you are still wearing 12 month clothes with the occasional 18 month piece thrown in. We try to buy you stretchy pants whenever possible, because your chunky thighs don’t fit well into regular pants.  You are my chubby little monkey, and one day you are going to lose all your rolls and mama will be sad.

I love you so much Atticus. I know this next month is going to fly by and while it makes me sad that you are growing up, I am excited for the years ahead of us.



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Xza Louise Higgins is the founder of MommyCon, creator of The Mommy Dialogues, and punk rock mom to two year old Atticus in the great city of Chicago, IL. She is incredibly passionate about birth options, human rights, and promoting gentle parenting practices.

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  1. Erin -  October 30, 2012 - 9:42 pm

    When Lennon lost her last leg roll, which as a baby she had about 6 of, I was soo sad. I totally get where you are coming from! This is about the time my baby fever kicked in to full drive.

  2. Heather P. -  November 5, 2012 - 12:04 am

    Such a cutie!

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