16 Minute Club Breastfeeding Subscription Box Review

The first two weeks of breastfeeding my first child were horrible to say the least. She had a terrible latch, I had very little hands on support, and the only knowledge I had of it was in books and the ONE time I ever saw someone breastfeed. One. Time. When she latched it felt like I was being burned by a fire iron, I would bite the inside of my cheeks until they bled to keep from crying out. I stuck it out through pure stubbornness because I was so passionate about it that I refused myself any other options. Sometime around the third week it started to get better, but it we still had struggles and a lot of pressure to supplement which we chose not to do. There was so much I didn’t know that I wish I had, about proper latch, lip/tongue ties, growth spurts, the actual size of her tummy and how much milk she could handle at a time; knowledge that could have saved me a lot of heartache and pain (literally).

So when I first learned about the 16 Minute Club breastfeeding subscription box I was thrilled that something like it even existed. The box is the brain child of IBCLC Wendy Wright. She is passionate about helping moms meet their breastfeeding goals and her team has designed the boxes to help navigate the sometimes rocky journey of breastfeeding. There are 10 boxes total covering everything from pregnancy through the first year and beyond. The price of the box  depends on how many you order, so the more you get the more you save.


The prenatal box would make the best baby shower gift for a new mom! From Preggie Pop samples to help with the first trimester sickies to Birds and Bees Ripe and Ready third trimester tea and Milkmakers delicious pregnancy cookies, there are lots of great goodies for Mom to enjoy and some cool little things for baby too. My favorite part of the first box was the visual aid that shows just how tiny a newborn’s belly is in the first few weeks. I think this tool is beyond helpful to new moms and was happy to donate mine to my midwifery center to help educate other families.



The growth spurt box didn’t disappoint either. It was full of lactation supporting tasty treats like cookies and energy chews, yum! And the Birds and Bees Our Lady of La Leche lactation tea? Consider me in love. The baby products are all very natural mom friendly, supporting a lot of small businesses that seem to care about their customers and use organic and sustainable products. I really loved the Baby Bits wipes solution and the Guava boots booties I got are so lusciously soft!



Right after receiving the In the Groove box my entire family came down with a cold and I couldn’t have been more grateful for the Family Immunity tea I found inside. Kismet.




Each box comes with a little informational pamphlet relating to baby’s development as they age. This is hands down my favorite part. The information was perfectly relevant to where Ella was at that time and I learned a lot about how milk changes during growth spurts which helped me not feel so frustrated when I was nursing nonstop for what felt like forever. The section on bottle feeding a breastfed infant was handy to have to teach my mother and husband (ok, ok and myself) the right way to feed Ella from a bottle without overwhelming her and helping to minimize nipple confusion. The DVDs on breastfeeding and infant massage were nice resources, too. Infant massage is a wonderful way to bond with baby, especially for dads, and the DVD and massage book are wonderful additions.


I definitely recommend this box for any mom who wants to breastfeed, first timers and old pro’s alike. Everyone can benefit from information and all moms deserve a little something now and then, too.

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