5 Favorite Essential Oils

Hi to all my favorite readers! I just have to say: I love essential oils! I am not a medical professional, nor do I sell oils, so I am just sharing my personal experience as a mom and wife. Below you will find a list of the 5 oils we use the most in our home, although we also use plenty of others. Oils can be used for medicinal purposes, to support you in labor & birth, for cleaning, to flavor food, to refresh your laundry, to heal wounds, to comfort and relax your body. They are amazing, natural & I highly recommend that you do some research and find what will work great for your family!

Here’s how I got into aromatherapy & essential oils:

When I was about 8, my mom went away for the weekend to a conference. I didn’t really understand why she was gone but when she came home, she came back with all kinds of goodies- a big collection of essential oils, different diffusers, and a big chart of what you use, when. I used to study that chart and experiment with oils, and since then, we have always used them for different ailments and practical purposes. As a child, she gave me a little white battery powered fan with an absorbent pad for a couple drops of oil. Now I use a vaporizer/humidifier, but if you can afford it, look into a good essential oil diffuser.

Today I wanted to share with you my 5 favorite oils for an oil-curious mom. These aren’t all of the things you can use them for, just the ones we do most commonly in my family.

1) Lavender
Use: in almond oil at bath time to calm the kiddos down for sleeping, for diaper rash in a bit of coconut oil, for cuts, scrapes, and Zoelie’s million mosquito bites, topically in beeswax for eczema, diffused in a room for allergies restlessness and insomnia. I also used it after birth on warm washcloths with a few drops of Frankincense to help with the afterpains. It really helped!

2) Tea Tree
Use: also for diaper rash, put in household cleaners, use as deodorant, for help with dandruff

3) Eucalyptus
Use: this is probably my favorite oil because I notice it working so quickly & effectively. I have worn it on a piece of fabric/cotton in a vented locket around my neck to relieve a stuffy nose. I used to like Vicks, but I hate the pore-clogginess of the petroleum and this solves the problem. I also put it in my diffuser/humidifier to help me sleep when I have a cold.

4) Pink Grapefruit & Lemon
Use: anti-depressant, happy scents.
The grapefruit is also good for headaches. I put these in my homemade cleaning solutions for scrubbing floors, etc.

5) Peppermint
Use: pain relief, for headaches, back pain, joint pain, etc. I like to mix it with lavender and clary sage in my diffuser as well. My doula friend did this for me immediately after birth and it was wonderfully relaxing, yet awakening. I have also heard that you can use peppermint to turn a breech baby, and I had it on hand just in case, but I didn’t have to try it thankfully.

While some companies approve certain oils to be used “neat” (by themselves), my kids and I are very sensitive to almost everything topically, so we dilute with a carrier oil. Our favorite carrier oils are organic, unrefined coconut oil and almond oil. Almond comes in oil form, while coconut comes as a solid. When you touch it, however, it liquefies. I put some in a little lip balm pot for easy access during diaper changes. (I have also seen people melt it and pour into a cleaned-out deodorant stick to keep in the diaper bag.)

It feels so great to be able to help my family with so many different issues, from health to home care, with something as simple as a few drops of oil. Be sure to keep your oils out of the reach of children, as some are not safe for them to access. I hope you have a little more interest in seeing what oils can do for you! If you would like to purchase some, I recommend Amrita oils over all of the oils I have tried over the years, including some of the most well know brands. Most of their oils are certified USDA organic, therapeutic grade, & they are also affordable. We have been using them since I was a child. My second favorite brand is Floracopeia, but their lavender is my absolute favorite, hands down. You can find them at www.amrita.net and www.floracopeia.com

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