A Twin for CeCe: An Adoption Story

We are done having babies. Well, biological babies. I wrote a little bit about this decision a while back. We have always planned on adopting someday, we just haven’t put any plans into action yet. We talk about it here and there, and I feel a tug at my heart that there are a couple of kids out there that should be mine. God has given Africa a special place in my heart, and we hope to adopt from somewhere there when the time is right. Ever since the topic has been being discussed around our house, the kids are aware of it and ask when we will adopt.

Avery and Cade are really close. They will do things that are only for twins, like read a book together or sit quietly in their closet, side by side, just chatting and giggling. They sometimes hold hands or go outside, but tell CeCe and Adele that they are having twin time, which is so sweet. But it’s also hard for CeCe (Adele is too little to care), because she wants to be included. We often tell them they have to include their sisters, and they usually will with a little extra prompting. But there’s not denying twins have a special bond, one that is just a little different than that of other siblings. And as much as I want all of my children to play together and love each other equally, I don’t want to break that twin bond either. I love watching it and seeing it change as they grow.

CeCe is pretty fascinated by their bond as well, and watching them has always made her wish for a twin of her own. When she became aware of our desire to adopt, she started asking if we could adopt her a twin. We’ve always thought it was so cute to hear her ask when we were planning to go pick up her African twin brother. She makes plans for what she and her twin will do, and gets frustrated that she has to wait. We talk about it, tell her to be patient, listen to her stories, and then she usually forgets about it for a little while.



Lately, though, things have been a little different. I’m not sure if it’s because Avery and Cade have been having more “twin time” or what, but CeCe has been talking about her twin with increasing frequency. She still asks when he will come live with us, but she also makes other comments. She often says I wonder what my twin is doing right now? She has been drawing pictures of herself and her twin, usually holding hands, doing something she loves to do. She tells us stories about what she and her twin will do once he comes to live with us. She also worries about the children we hope to adopt. She’ll tell us that she hopes her African brother isn’t getting beat up right now (not sure where this came from), or that she hopes that he has enough to eat. Some days she worries that when he comes to live with us he will miss his friends in Africa, and other days she is sure that he will be so happy that he gets to come live with us and be her “twin”.



So as a little adoption update, CeCe may be what speeds up our adoption process. It is just too sweet to see how her heart aches for her future brother(s), and I can’t wait to bring home a couple of little boys to complete our family. My heart doesn’t feel complete yet, and I am feeling more certain by the day that it won’t until we fly home from Africa with them in our arms.

Have you adopted, or are you in the process? I would love to hear any comments on this topic. And if you have an adoption blog, leave me a link in the comments!

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  1. Risa -  November 20, 2012 - 4:45 pm

    Ohhhh Kelli I love this story! I love CeCe so much. She seems to have such a sweet heart and old soul… wonder where she gets that from 😉

  2. Erika -  November 24, 2012 - 3:52 pm

    We adopted our precious boy as a newborn and we have been so blessed. It happened so quickly it was meant to be. It’s a lot of paperwork and checks but so worth it. Your children sound like great kind children. Best of luck in your process.

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