An Easy Kiddie Craft: Pinecone Bird Feeders

Most of you probably remember making these when you were a kid. I know I do. There isn’t much to explain with this craft, other than that this is a really fun, easy activity to do with your kiddos. You can do this with just about any age, with the level of help needed varying from one child to the next.

The neat thing about these bird feeders is the learning element that can be included. We’ve been studying birds for science lately. We first found a few books on local birds at the library, reading about what types of birds live in our area. We learned about the different parts of the bird, their migratory patterns, and what they eat. Next we went for a nature walk and tried to find a few birds around our house and in the woods outside of town, watching to see if we could observe what they were doing in their natural habitat. We’ve seen birds migrating and talked about how some birds can fly 2,000 miles when migrating south without stopping once!

We also took a few days and sketched birds in our science/nature notebooks with colored pencils, and now we’ve moved on to making a treat for the birds in our yard.

All you need for this simple project is: 

Peanut Butter
Bird Seed
String or Twine
Butter knives

We gave each child a pinecone and a small dish of peanut butter, and the watched/helped them spread the peanut butter over the entire outside of the pinecone. I poured some birdseed onto a plate and once their pinecones were thoroughly covered in peanut butter, they rolled them in the birdseed. We let them sit overnight before tying a string to the top of the pinecone for hanging. Then we took them outside and hung them where we could see them from the house. Now we can observe little winter birdies eating from the bird feeders from our living room window, which allows for more observation time!

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