And Then This Happened…

I am not perfect. I am actually far, far, far from it. The area in my life I feel like I “fail” most often is in the parenting department. The times when I am at a loss for how to discipline, or I said the wrong thing, or I was too consumed in my phone (totally guilty of this one most) when I feel like I lost a really precious mommy moment. I try really hard not to beat myself up over those times and use them as a learning and growing experience. I firmly believe that part of being a parent is learning the rhythm with your child. I take pride in the fact that my kids know I am growing right there with them and we are doing this together. That is, until something like this happens…


That is my amazingly adorable niece sitting on the landing of our stairs. The part that you can not see is that my equally as amazingly adorable daughter is in the bathroom scrubbing paint off her hands. So all that pretty grey that you see on my beautifully stained concrete floors, is in fact, PAINT. My husband had been working on wrapping up the nine month project of painting all the interior walls in our house. He ran out of paint and gave up for the day. In true Logan fashion that meant the paint tray, roller and brush were left sitting out for a few hours. The kids were hanging out and playing so nicely all day long. They love going up and down the stairs and since they are both really experienced stair climbers I don’t usually think much of it. They were playing with play dough on the landing and spinning the globe and giggling. Or so I thought….

My mom was getting ready to head home and Lily ran by her and yelled out, “I need to wash my hands!” That’s when the fun began. My mom said she had paint all over her hands. I told Logan that she had paint on her hands but he was busy watching the All-Star game so I just got a nod and a smile in response. I tried again but this time it was with more volume, “SHE HAS PAINT ALLLLL OVER HER HANDS”. No sooner did that come out of my mouth I hear my mom saying “ummmm they are painting.” Naturally, all the parents pop out their seats and stare down at their masterpiece. Sadly, Grace was caught red handed with roller in hand. My brother said “Grace!”, I gasped, my mom chuckled and Logan just stood there in shock. All the while, Lily is in the bathroom running water over her paint filled hands and singing away. I could not believe it. Well, I mean I could, after all they are just kids. I thought it was actually pretty hilarious and I have never been so thankful for my floors. I know the paint will come up pretty easily with the help of some elbow grease. It could have been pretty easy to get pissed at the two and three year who had just had the time of their life on the stairs. The fact is, it was our fault. We left the paint out and then we trusted the metal sound we were hearing was the spinning of the globe not the movement of the roller. It was probably one of my biggest parenting fail moments but it will always be one of those memories that will always make me chuckle. What is your favorite parenting fail memory?


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  1. Melissa -  February 18, 2013 - 11:16 am

    This reminds me of the time my 6 year old self tried to “help” my dad wash his ’67 MG that was parked in the garage with a Brillo pad while he was watching golf. After he yelled at me for taking the paint off in some areas I again tried to “help” by using my moms nail polish to paint the bare spots!

  2. Molly -  February 25, 2013 - 5:50 pm

    When I was 5 I backed up into and knocked over a giant bucket of wallpaper glue. I brought the incident up to my parents recently, saying how I was impressed that they didn’t get mad at me. Their response? “How could we have been? You were just a little kid.” You may get to have the same conversation someday!

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