Are We There Yet?

Is it September 3rd yet?

I have been anxiously counting down the days until the kids start school.  I love my kids, I do…but they have been driving me freaking crazy!!!!  Summer vacation has always seemed like it was to long, even when I was a kid.  By the time it was time for school to start again, I had forgotten 90% of what I learned the previous year…which means we spent a good solid month or 2 relearning everything I had learned the year prior.  It was such a waste.  This never really seemed like a smart way to structure school, and now that I have my own children I long for year round school.  Not because I want to get rid of them all the time (although not having a 3 month vacation would be super rad) but because I really believe year round school is the way it should be.

The statistics for year round schooling really speaks for itself.  In the countries where year round schooling is the norm, we see some of the smartest and most well educated children coming from these countries.  Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Great Britain….all countries who are turning out some of the best educated children on the planet…and all of whom regularly do year round schooling. In the US around 3,000 schools are on a year round schedule, and this year round schedule has decreased the drop-out rate by 3% (from 5% with the “normal” schedule to 2% for year round).  Which may seem like small potatoes but when you think about how many actual kids that 3% represents, that’s pretty big numbers.  Even just looking at students comprehension of the subject matter and their learning growth in just 1 calendar year…year round school wins out every.single.time.

Now you may be thinking, “but kids need a break”, and your right they do.  In year round, kids actually get the same amount of time off as a “normal” school kid does…it’s just structured differently so the vacations fall at different times and more frequently, and with no huge gaps of no school at all.  The basic schedule is 45 days on, 15 days off with a 30 day “summer vacation” and a 15 days on in there between Thanksgiving vacation (3 days) and winter break (15 days). Doesn’t sound so bad, right?  With all the evidence that shows how beneficial year round schooling is, I wish it would become more of a normal thing in the US as well as uniforms.  Many schools are starting to implement uniform policies and I SOOOOOO wish that our school would too.  I know it’s never going to happen, but a girl can dream right?


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