Babywearing: How to Get a Baby Off Your Back

The 2 scariest things about babywearing in my opinion are, getting a baby on and off your back.  The dismount off the back is probably the thing that took me the longest to perfect when I first started babywearing.  I didn’t have anyone teaching me, and all the videos I watched only showed getting the baby up there and not how to take baby down, so I had to figure that one out for myself.

At first it is a bit awkward…getting the feel for how to place your hands and swing them around to get them off safely and quickly.  I did a lot of practicing on my knees on a bed so if they fell, they weren’t falling far.  Even using a doll to practice at first can be helpful to get the arm placements and the swing motion down before you move onto a real baby.  It’s also really good for freaking people out if your doing it in public 😉 .


Happy Babywearing!

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