Bluum Box {Review}

Bluum is a monthly subscription service that sends a box of deluxe sized samples of baby & mom products to your home every month. They find a bevy of really cool products & ship them to you for $12 a month! They find new, useful, healthy, responsible products for mom & baby. I recieved my first Bluum box last week & I wanted to share what I received.

 It arrived in a cute box lined with bright blue tissue & everything was boxed perfectly.

It came with a little guide highlighting each item in the box. Each month Bluum picks a theme & Feburarys theme was Sweethearts. It was all about pampering you & your baby. Ok so onto the goodies! I was pleasently surprised by what I found inside.

I recevied: Seventh Generation baby wipes. I was a fan of these anyway so getting a purse sized package of these was great!

Next was NurturMe Dried Organic baby food in crisp apple. You can mix this into cooked food for added nutrition. It also came with a coupon for future use.

This next product I was REALLY excited about. Camilia Teething Relief by Boiron. Elliot is 9 months old now (tear) & those teeth are kicking butt & taking names. Drool everywhere. Red cheeks. Cranky attitude. General discomfort. I squealed when I saw it. It combines homeopathic medicines traditionally used to treat teething pain. Camilia is worry-free. There are no side effects & no risk of overdose. No numbing of gag reflex & it does not mask other symptoms. No sugar, lactose or alcohol. Preservative-free. YAY!

2 lotions were also in the box. The Good Home Co. hand lotion in Lavender & Beach House. Beach House smells WONDERFUL. It is so thick & balmy & perfect for January weather. I used the Lavender on Elliot after one of her baths & her skin was super smooth & super wonderful. The Good Home is a little shop in Chelsea, NYC. It has been featured on Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Not that I watch reality tv…… 😉 Their website is here.

There was a deluxe sample of Merderma stretch mark cream. I am a mom. I have stretch marks. I have actually used this before & I can honestly say my stretch marks have just about dimisinished totally. Also, did you know you can apply stretch mark cream to your face to combat wrinkles? You can & it works.

Last there was a bag of Choice Organic Tea- Wild Forest Black. (Fair Trade Certified) This tea tastes so good. Loved it!

All in all I was very happy with my first Bluum Box shipment.  I do wish where would have been larger sizes included, but the sizes that were in the box were big enough for me to try the product enough times to find out if I liked it or not. This company get 3 stars only because of the element of surprise that comes with a subscription box. Not all of the products are going to be a great fit for everyone, so you might have products that aren’t something you are going to use much. I signed up for the $33 quarterly plan. It averages out to $11 a month, which isn’t a lot for a box full of great stuff.

To sign up for your own Bluum Box supscription, click the link below!

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  1. Kelli -  February 2, 2012 - 7:08 pm

    I love this idea! I may sign up and give it a try. And I think that this would be a really cool baby shower gift, too. I may sign up a friend!

  2. Kim -  February 14, 2013 - 9:27 am

    I became a Bluum Mom through a Living Social deal, and thought it was a great concept. I was super excited and anxiously awaited my first Bluum box (which, by the way, arrived 2-3 weeks later than scheduled). However, my first box (January 2013) was extremely disappointing. I received a spoon shaped like an airplane, disposable bibs, a sample pack of wipes, and a coupon for the bibs. Really? My son is 5 months, so we aren’t even using spoons yet, but this is a more advanced spoon anyways. Oh, there was also a sample packet of dehydrated food, which also seems to be more for an older child. It was nothing like the sample boxes shown online with lotions or oils and teethers and toys. Granted my membership for the quarter was about half the price of a regular membership, but I would think the boxes are the same if they want return customers. It seems my dollars were wasted and I will definitely NOT be renewing for full price and I will NOT be buying another subscription “deal” in the future, even at half price. I really wanted to like Bluum because I think the concept is great, but my experience was not one that I would want a friend to repeat (i.e. I will tell my Mom friends not to waste their time, money, and excitement).

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