Chandler, Arizona – Vintage 95 -Date Night

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 Logan and I rarely get to go on dates anymore. With three kids it is nearly impossible plus I HATE leaving Harper so it is not something we make a priority. Sadly. My mother-in-law is here for a visit and offered to watch Lily and Harper for us Friday night so we could enjoy some alone time (Riley was at her dad’s this weekend). We jumped on the chance!

Usually we go to sushi when we have a date night but this time we wanted to try somewhere new. After asking people for suggestions it lead me to google. I googled new local hot spots and Vintage 95 pulled up. It is in Downtown Chandler which is one of my favorite little areas on this side of town. Honestly the area used to be pretty sketchy about 10 years ago but it has been cleaned up! It is a cool little place with lots of local shops and restaurants. It is also home of our favorite sushi place so if all else failed it was just a quick walk over there.

The parking in the area is not very desirable for two reasons: 1.) There isn’t a lot of it 2.) It is always busy. We were able to find parking pretty quickly right behind the building. It was not a paved parking area so walking in my heels was kind of difficult (strictly because I am not the best walker in heels 🙂 ). They building had me sold instantly. Like I said it is an older area that they cleaned up so the building is brick. They have a back patio that is light really pretty with string lights and fire pits. We walked around the building into the front of the restaurant. It is darkly lit but it totally fits the ambiance. There was what appeared to be many different seating options and because we were flexible we were sat right away. We sat in two leather arm chairs with a larger-than-normal side table. We were ok with this but next time we will probably wait for a regular size table. They have a full bar and HUGE wine selection. In the back corner they actually had a small wine cellar area set-up with a killer chandy hanging. The overall vibe was very hip but cozy all at once.

It was a little noisy but not to the point that Logan and I could not enjoy conversation. The service was great. The waiter was knowledgeable and not too overbearing. We each ordered a different glass of red wine but next time we will get a full bottle. I don’t really know very much about wine so the impressive menu seemed a little overwhelming. The waiter was very helpful in describing the wines we were interested in. We ordered the Brushetta to start and it was fabulous. They have six different kinds and an order comes with a choice of four. We chose the Brie, Pear and Onion jam, the Fig chutney, House made ricotta and Prosciutto, the Artichoke and Mushroom and the Salami, Sundried tomato pesto and House made ricotta. Each piece was sliced into three good-sized portions. They all tasted amazing but if I had to chose a favorite it would be a toss- up between the Artichoke and the Salami. I ordered the Chicken Caprese Salad and Logan had the Short Rib for dinner. Both were very yummy. The portions are not huge for the price that we paid but the brushetta was in my opinion the best deal. We than shared an order of peanut butter creme brulee.

After dinner we went straight home ( I am a fuddy duddy and totally missed the ittiest baby) but the area is always fun to walk around. They were having an art walk and I am almost certain that it is a reoccurring event every friday night.

We will be going back! My sister and brand new brother-in-law are in Hawaii on their honeymoon but when they get back we want to have a celebratory date with them and my other brother and sister-in-law. Overall, it is a little pricey but since we don’t get to do it too much we didn’t mind the splurge. Honestly it really wasn’t that expensive because the food and atmosphere was well worth it.

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