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A few weeks ago, I told you all about a fun way to get more involved in an Earth-friendly way (click HERE to read all about it). I am talking about NWEI’s Annual EcoChallenge! It runs for two weeks (from October 1-15) and all you have to do is make at least one eco-friendly habit change  during that time. I created a TMD team so us bloggers can participate together and we opened it for the readers to join in. For the month of October, every Tuesday, we will be updating and talking about our progress with EcoChallenge. This week each one of us will talk about why we chose to sign up and what we plan on doing to challenge ourselves.

Why did you decide to sign up for EcoChallenge?

Kelli– I decided to sign up for the EcoChallenge for a couple of reasons. First of all, it sounds like fun. I love finding new ways to be green, and this type of challenge is right up my alley. I have been recycling and upcycling and the like for years now and love encouraging others to do so as well! However, the EcoChallenge is especially important to me because (confession time) for the last several months I have been completely slacking and haven’t been doing any of the aforementioned things. When we moved, we left behind our recycling and composting centers. Despite building new ones being on my to-do list, it simply hasn’t happened yet. So the EcoChallenge is the perfect motivation for me to get my butt back in gear!

Jessica – I signed up for EcoChallenge so that I could have a sort of deadline to help me focus on some goals that had been floating around in my life for a while. I have been wanting to set a realistic number of bags of trash that we should produce and I’ve also been focusing on all the disposable things in my life. I’m trying to cut back on those.

Xza– I work well on deadlines and goals. EcoChallenge filled both of those needs so I wouldn’t procrastinate making my home greener and safer for Atticus. Like Jessica, I wanted to reduce the amount of garbage we put out each month as well as get rid of disposables (plates, cups, napkins, etc.) and EcoChallenge put my desire in motion.

Geneva– I signed up for the EcoChallenge because all of my friends were doing it, so I figured I should hop on the bandwagon.  😉  But on a more serious note, I signed up because I believe that Ben and I run a very green household (we only put out our garbage once a month but we have two recycle bins) and I was interested to see if we could become even “greener” than we already strive to be.

Risa– I signed up for EcoChallenge for a few different reasons: (a) it is an organization that my best friend works for and he inspires me in so many ways to be more eco friendly, (b) I love the concept that NWEI has come up with this challenge. It is such a great way to get involved and get friends and family involved by actually doing something small that will leave a huge impact. (c) Although I have gotten better at being more green, there are still ways to improve. I want to challenge myself and my family to be more Earth friendly on a daily basis.

Misty– I signed up for the challenge because I feel it’s important that we each do our part to be more green & to reduce our footprint on this planet. Not only will this challenge make me more aware of the waste that my family produces, it will hopefully teach me to save a few bucks.

What is the way you are challenging yourself for the two-week time period? How do you plan on executing the change?

Kelli– For the two-week time period, I plan on recycling as much as possible to reduce our waste, composting, drying ALL of our clothes on the clothesline (instead of just part of them), work on energy reduction and water conservation. I plan to achieve these goals by building a new recycling center to organize our recyclables, making a new compost bin (and pulling my counter top compost bucket back out), unplugging unused appliances, turning off lights when not being used, taking shorter showers, and so much more. I can’t wai!

Jessica– I plan on producing only one bag of trash in the next two weeks, recycling as much as possible, and going to 100% cloth diapering.

Xza – I would like to limit my amount of trash to 1.5 bags.I know I know, weird number, but that reduces the amount of waste we put out by 50%. We will also be using 100% cloth up until October 13 (we leave for a trip and can’t use CDs during that time) and I will only order coffee or tea if I have my reusable cup with me.

Geneva– As I was browsing through the EcoChallenge topics, I noticed one on sustainability and eating.  We haven’t always been responsible with sourcing our food in ways that are good for the environment, so we are going to increase our purchases of fresh foods and decrease the amount of food packaging we recycle every week.

Risa– I plan on working on my family’s energy usage. This means hand-washing dishes, hanging clothes to dry, and of course making sure my kids remember to shut off the lights. I, too, plan on being more responsible with our food-buying habits. We will be integrating more fresh fruits and veggies into our meals and buying as much food in bulk as possible to reduce the amount packaging.

What are you doing to challenge your household to be greener?


For more info on NWEI EcoChallenge click HERE

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    Johanne you have outdone yolsreuf yet again!!! I love these pictures. You have not only captured the event but the emotions as well. I have seen many stunning pictures but the difference with the ones you take is that you put a part of yolsreuf into your work and that is why the viewer left speechless!! Thank you so much for being a part of the wedding!

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