EcoChallenge Update Week 2


A few weeks ago, I told you all about a fun way to get more involved in an Earth-friendly way (click HERE to read all about it). I am talking about NWEI’s Annual EcoChallenge! It runs for two weeks (from October 1-15) and all you have to do is make at least one eco-friendly habit change  during that time. I created a TMD team so we bloggers can participate together and we opened it for the readers to join in. For the month of October, every Tuesday, we will be updating and talking about our progress with EcoChallenge. This week, each one of us will update you all about how we are doing with the EcoChallenge.

 How did you do with the second week of EcoChallenge?What were some of your successes? Challenges?

Jessica– I did really well and ended up meeting all of my goals. I still haven’t filled a whole bag of trash (but my trash can is now outside due to the stank factor) and we have eaten local foods under our budget. Our food isn’t always local – I haven’t gotten that far yet, but we ate something local every day and almost every meal. Our farmers’ market has really picked up this month and Sandi and Phil helped us out with eggs, lettuce, basil and apples.
I have survived without paper towels and we are now 100% disposable diaper free. I need more cloth napkins in my life, but I own plenty of cleaning rags. If you count eating out I went over budget last weekend, but my cousin was in town and she couldn’t resist Starbucks, just like I couldn’t resist the pasta salad at a local Italian restaurant.
I’ve learned a lot from this process and I’ve really opened my eyes to how much waste we produce -especially plastics. I plan on continuing this trend and making a big difference in our family’s output. Someday we may even own a trash compactor!

Risa– The second week was much easier than the first. I can see that these little habits are forming a little bit more consistently each day. Logan even hand washed the dishes one night! I have the ability to check my energy usage on a daily basis through my electric company and I can see the kWhs used are significantly lower compared to last month. We still have to remind Lily to shut off the lights whenever she lives a room but it is only half the time now instead of every time.

Kelli– This week was weird for us, because the first part of the week was busily spent preparing for a trip. The second half of the week has been spent on a trip, away from home. However, it still went well and was actually really successful. At home, we are back into the habit of recycling and only went through half a bag of trash in nearly a week! I’m so excited about this. For our trip I brought all of the kids’ reusable water bottles and my reusable coffee cup. We’ve used them for everything possible, which has cut down on huge amounts of trash. Since the trip we took was to Portland, we’ve been able to very easily incorporate Eco-friendly habits into our routine. We have eaten at several restaurants that use local, fresh, organic ingredients. We’ve eaten at local food carts that use recyclable products and have recycle bins outside rather than trash cans. So all in all, this week went great!

How did your second week of EcoChallenge go?

For more info on NWEI EcoChallenge click HERE

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  1. Jeannie B -  October 16, 2012 - 2:00 pm

    You guys talking about reducing trash has opened my eyes to the unGodly amount of trash my family goes thru a week. I live at home with my parents and maternal grandmother (plus my sisters 2 kids are there every day afterschool as well as my sister on the weekends) we go thru about 5 to 6 large garbage bags overflowing a week, and our recycle bin is normally full, but it could be fuller. Time to start slowing making my parents realize that we seriously need to reduce our trash amount each week, if we can cut it back to 3 bags I will be joyful!

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