EcoChallenge Update Wrap-Up

We decided to participate in NWEI’s EcoChallenge that ran from October 1-15th. The whole idea behind the event is to change something about your daily habits in order to lead a more sustainable life. Now that the challenge has been over we have decided to let you know what our households look like a week later.

Did the 2 week timeframe during EcoChallenge change your habits?

Xza: Last week was a pretty big disaster when it came to EcoChallenge. First, I forgot my reusable water bottle when heading to the ABC Expo. Then we got so many paper pamphlets and info that I had to throw away more than my quota Now we are back home and I hope to continue with my non-disposable cup using ways and hopefully not throw away as much.

Jessica: I am not as lazy about my trash any more. Lots of things that were recyclable would end up in the dumpster and I’m much more aware of that. I did buy paper towels yesterday though. I appreciate them now and don’t plan on using them constantly. There’s just no way that I own enough cloth napkins when I have company over. (Not yet, anyhow)

Kelli: I think this two week timeframe was pretty successful in changing at least a few of my  habits. We are now recycling again, which is exciting. I am not hanging all of our laundry to dry yet, but I am hanging most of it on the line. I’m watching our water usage, more conscious of lights and other electrical items, and feel like I’m back in the habit of using my reusable coffee cup and water bottles.

Risa: I think that the mission NWEI set out to challenge people to change their overall habits is an effective one. I still have yet to run my dishwasher and we all still staying aware  of our electrical and water uses as well.

How will you continue to focus on sustainability on a daily basis?

Xza: Using a reusable bottle is a lot easier than you would think. I plan on sticking with that program as it not only saves the planet some trees, but saves me some money.

Jessica: I plan on continuing to source food locally as much as I can, finding a recycling method that works better for my family (bins, placement, etc.), and keeping my trash can on the porch. When I have to go outside to put something in the trash, I am much more likely to recycle it.

Kelli: I plan on continuing our recycling, hope to compost more, and keep up all of the habits I mentioned above. We have even found new people to buy local meat and eggs from, so that is a bonus. All of this eco-consciousness has renewed our desire to live as sustainably as possible, and we are actually considering building an eco-friendly self-sustainable house on a piece of property. Stay tuned for more on that adventure!

Risa: I hate to admit but hand washing my dishes is kind of therapeutic so I will continue doing so unless it is a dinner party or something that produces LOTS of dishes to wash. I am also going to hang dry Harper’s diapers only. They actually seem whiter, brighter and less smelly with the help from the sun!

Did EcoChallenge change your habits? How so?

For more info on NWEI EcoChallenge click HERE

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