Flower Pinwheels for the Garden: A Fun Summer Kid Craft

We made a fun, easy summer craft the other day that we thought we’d share with you! All you need are:

paper plates or cardstock
paint (we used acrylic, but tempera would work well too)
buttons or beads
wire cutters
wooden skewers or dowels
hot glue gun and glue 

Cut out a hexagon about 3 or 4 inches across from your paper plate. Then cut a circle from the same plate about 2 inches across. I outlined the shapes, but the kids cut theirs out, so they were very imperfect, but still worked great.

Next, let you kids paint their shapes. This was their favorite part!

After they have painted their shapes, let them dry. These are the paints we used (they were completely washable):

After the shapes are dry, cut your hexagon by cutting a straight line from each point towards the center, but leaving about 1/2 ” between the end of the cut and the center of the hexagon. Do this all the way around the hexagon. This will enable you to fold each point of the hexagon on one side, so that the hexagon looks like a pinwheel flower. Next, put a button on a three-inch piece of wire and bend the wire down so it goes through the second button hole, forming a loop.

Now stick the other end of the wire through the center of the circle.

Next put the wire through the center of the flower. Then put another small button on the other end of the wire, holding the flower and it’s center in place. I put a small dot of hot glue between the button and the flower to keep it all together.

Then wrap the wire around the dull end of your skewer, securing with a little more hot glue if you want.

We put ours into our flowers for a yard decoration. The kids are so proud of them, and point them out to everyone who walks by!

You have to look closely, they blend in with my crazy, out-of-control petunias! I hope you try making your own painted pinwheels for your garden!

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