My Lil Lily Bird

I would like to introduce you to Miss Eliott DeAnne. To most of our friends and family, she is just Lily. She is a three-year-old spitfire. I really cannot put Lily into words, but for the sake of this post I will try.

She is sassy… really,really, really sassy. She knows what she wants when she wants it, and is not afraid to demand it. She also has the body language to go with it. It is not uncommon for her to march out of her room during bed time, place her hands on her hips, and inform us that she “is not going to bed because she doesn’t want to.” In Lily’s world, if she doesn’t want to do something that is good enough reason for it not to be done. She crosses her arms and taps her foot if you aren’t doing something in a timely fashion.

She is goofy. She laughs at herself quite frequently and I hope that is something she never outgrows. She tells lots of stories, half of which you may have NO clue what she is talking about. She is clumsy and silly and really all around a piece of work.

She is artistic. She loves music and can sing along with almost every popular song on the radio. Her favorite song is the Goyte song “Somebody I Used to Know.” One day we were listening to Maroon 5 radio on Pandora and she kept asking for the “Somebodyyyyyyy song” to come on. A few songs in it started playing and she got so excited. She looked at me and said “This is from Glee, Mommy.” Her dad told that it wasn’t and I kindly reminded him that they did, in fact, sing that song on an episode of Glee. When he looked down at his phone, sure enough, it was THE CAST OF GLEE! So, as you can probably guess, she watches Glee. She loves playing dress up with her sister. She also loves to draw and she is really good at it. I am not just saying that because I think she is good at practically everything. She can color in the lines and draw out very recognizable objects.

She has attitude and lots of it. If and when she doesn’t get her way, she will not hesitate to freak out. Her specialty is doing this is the public arena, whether in front of guests or at the store. One day I decided we would go for a walk to the park to play. I let her know five minutes before it was time to go home to avoid a potential meltdown. She left the playground just fine. All of a sudden, she started missing her dad and plopped down on the sidewalk SCREAMING for her daddy. A normally five-minute walk home turned into a 20-minute ordeal and earned her a nap. It was rough.

She looks just like her dad. JUST LIKE HIM. She is clumsy just like him too.

I can always tell what kind of day we will have by the way her hair looks in the morning. If it is totally curly and crazy, I know I should probably drink an extra cup of coffee.

She has a ridiculous memory. She remembers where every bathroom is in every place we’ve ever been. (Probably because she has been to it every single time we go somewhere.) She remembers which stores hand out stickers and which Starbucks’ baristas will give her a cup of whip cream.

She loves, loves, LOVES her sisters. Riley is her absolute best friend in the entire world. She has a babe and his name is Dean and sometimes she kisses him on the lips. (Or so she says)

She is kind and she shares really well. If you ask her for something, she will usually respond with “of course”–in a Jersey accent.

If I happen to put make-up on, she will be the first one to tell me how pretty I look. If I put on a dress? Oh well, than I just magically turned into a princess in her eyes.

My lil Lily Bird is loving, thoughtful, funny, clever, mischievous, and everything I needed in my life to keep it fun.


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  1. Heather P. -  September 14, 2012 - 5:50 am

    Life is awesome with children!

  2. Erin -  September 14, 2012 - 2:44 pm

    She is one of the most entertaining 3 year olds I have ever met!! She carries her own “lilyisms”! LOVE HER:)

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