Favorite Leftover Recipes

Thanksgiving is in 2 days! Who else is excited? In honor of  Turkey day being right around the corner this week’s group post is some of favorite recipes or ways to eat all the yummy leftovers!

Jessica – This might sound boring, but I love turkey sandwiches more than any other turkey creation. Shredded cold turkey on wheat bread with mustard and mayo. No cheese, no veggies. Heaven.

Kelli – We always take a our leftovers and make a yummy casserole to eat after cutting our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. I put a little gravy in the bottom of the casserole dish and spread it around. This keeps the rest of the food from sticking. Spread out your stuffing to make the first layer, then green beans and corn, if you had it. Next add a layer of shredded or chopped leftover turkey, and top with a thick layer of mashed potatoes. Cover it all with another layer of gravy (which you can also add between layers, if you are a gravy-a-holic like me). Bake at 350 for about 30-45 minutes, or until hot and bubbly. The great thing about this is that it is so versatile. You can substitute whatever you love from your Thanksgiving dinner into one delicous casserole. It’s perfect to eat after traipsing through the snow for your tree!

Xza – Turkey Pot Pie! Instead of the usual chicken, I just replace the chicken with turkey and voila! Turkey pot pie.

Alyssa-After Thanksgiving (or really anytime we have turkey) Mr. Squish likes to make Turkey Soup from our leftovers.  Super easy.  2 cups of celery, 2 cups of onion, 2 cups of carrots (chopped) and 4 cloves of garlic crushed and put all that into a pot with a ¼ stick of butter and saute until translucent.  Add in ALL your leftover turkey (including bones)…basically just dump the whole carcass into the pot minus the skin and fat…add enough water to cover the turkey, salt, pepper and celery seed and give it a good stir.  Bring everything to a boil and and then reduce to simmer for 45 minutes.  Remove the bones.  Taste and season your soup to your liking and at this point you can add rice of noodles.  We prefer rice and use 1 ¼ cups of rice.  Any rice of noodles will do.  Make sure if you are using rice that you add some water throughout the cooking process as the rice will suck up a bit of the broth as it cooks. The End.

Misty- My favorite recipe to make with Thanksgiving Day leftovers isn’t a recipe. I eat Thanksgiving dinner as long as a can after Thanksgiving because it is my ABSOLUTE favorite dinner of the year. OR I put Thanksgiving dinner on bread & make a huge sandwich.  Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberries….everything on bread. YUM!!

Risa- I am with Misty… I make as many plates of Turkey day leftovers as I can. I will sometimes make a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce on top. This year we will be trying Kelli’s recipe because that sounds AMAZING!!


What is your favorite way to prepare and ate those yummy Thanksgiving leftovers?

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