First Birthday Fiesta

We had our first ever birthday party on Saturday. It was a huge success and cost a reasonable amount of money.

Local state park. I had reserved a beautiful place in a state park about 5 miles from our house, but somehow it was double booked and I had to figure out a plan B a few weeks before our big day. I reserved a picnic area at a state park about 30 miles away, but it worked great and only cost $30.


My friend Jamie made our super amazing invitations (tutorial coming soon) and saved everyone a ton of money. We had 25 invitations and had a total of about 35 guests at the party. It was perfect.


My BFF Robin and I made chocolate cupcakes with orange buttercream frosting topped with white chocolate “sugar skulls” that I made using a candy mold and colored candy wafers. Robin also made dulce de leche cupcakes and chocolate smash cakes for the babies that we covered in marshmallow fondant. The fondant was soooo easy to make and turned out so beautifully.

My parents made fajitas for everyone using beef that they had butchered themselves. It was essentially a one pot meal that we made on site and served with beans and tortillas. We also had chips and salsa and my friend Sandi brought a great salad to the party.


Besides all the talking, present opening, and baby wrangling that occurred, we had maracas to decorate with stickers, sombreros and adhesive mustaches, and a piñata to destroy.


I purchased a set of paper fans and three strings of tissue paper flags from (along with the maracas and mustaches). I also made about 20 large tissue paper poms and 30 small poms. The large poms were used to mark signs along the way to the party and we also hung them on the picnic cover. The small poms were placed in mason jars like flowers and used as centerpieces. We tied scrap fabric around the jars like ribbon and covered the picnic tables with butcher paper. I also repainted two vintage wooden high chairs for the guests of honor.


I made Clara’s peasant tunic and Cormac’s bow tie using half a yard of fabric. It was colder than we had expected, so Clara wore a long sleeved onesie under hers and Cormac had a onesie under his button up shirt.






We had a very successful first birthday party and I couldn’t have even happier with the outcome. We got so many thoughtful and personal gifts on this exciting day and I truly believe that my children are loved and blessed beyond measure.

I plan on selling our decorations on a local classifieds page so that we can recycle them and make another kid happy on their big day. We are keeping the excellent high chairs for a few more years and the birthday clothes are going in the cedar chest.

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  1. Risa -  October 29, 2012 - 10:56 am

    Such a perfect first birthday party! It looked so adorable and so much fun 🙂

  2. Katie -  July 9, 2013 - 12:02 am

    Could someone please link me the tutorial for the invitations? thanks

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