Git Er Done!

This weekend we started working on getting rid of our weed jungle.  The first task we decided to tackle was the strip that runs along the house and the sidewalk up to the front door.  After killing off the weeds, Mr. Squish spent hours tilling up the roots so we could plant some bushes and flowers and then mulch and edge the whole thing.  The end bushes are super rad and once they really take root they will turn a vibrant fall red, and will stay that way (they are called a “Burning Bush”).  We plan to do a similar type of thing in the back with some Japanese Fire trees (Japanese Maple) and white birch to block out the road.

Sometime this month the rest of the yard will be tilled and sodded and the trees and other bushes will be planted.  We have to get the grass seed down and the other decorative plants in so they have a couple months to take root before winter. I’m excited to get rid of our mud pit in the back and the rest of the sea of weeds in the front.  We will also be getting some boulders along with bushes to line the driveway so it doesn’t erode.  It’s going to look awesome I think, I still can’t believe I live here!

The most exciting thing that’s going on, at least for me…. is tomorrow we start finishing the basement!  The older 3 kids have been driving me freaking crazy being all in the same room and not having their own space to play in.  Bedtime…quite frankly usually makes me want to pull my hair out and there are constantly fighting from being together 24/7.  It will be SOOOOOOOOO nice to get them all into their own rooms.  The plan is 2 bedrooms, an office, a bathroom and a 2nd living room for the kids and doubling the square footage of living space (and my daily cleaning time).  I cannot wait to get their toys out of the main living room and downstairs and into theirs.  I have absolutely NO idea how I am going to decorate down there.  I’m thinking maybe Star Wars?  Does that violate some sort of geeky cult law to have a Star Trek Bedroom and a Star Wars living room in the same house?  Oh well, I think I’m doing it!

I’m at a loss for the rest though.  I think a clawfoot tub would be pretty rad in the bathroom, but I don’t know if it would fit.  The bathroom isn’t going to be very large.  The office is Mr. Squish’s domain and I am sure it will be quite ridiculous once he “decorates” it.  SquishyKid #1 just wants a wall of hot wheels tracks and SquishyKid #2 is pretty clear in his want for “an Angry Bird red room with Angry Bird”….alrighty then.  The Girl’s room is going to be purple, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.  I’d really like to do SquishyBabies room in Minions, but there really isn’t all that much in the way of Minion decor, so that’s kind of squashing my minion dream.  I’m equally stumped as to what to do in the living room and the masther bathroom.  Ideas are welcome!



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