Halloween Printables {FREE}

This is the second post of my month-long DIY series. The first post, a DIY candy corn banner, can be found HERE.

I am OBSESSED with free printables. As in, when a holiday is coming up, my house has no less than three or more sitting out in frames in various rooms of our home. There are some awesome free printables lurking around online, but I got creative one day & decided to make my own.

In my kid’s bathroom

In my kitchen

Here they are! To print them, right click & then save to your computer. I have one being used as my work computer desktop as well. It looks great! I recommend printing them out at Walgreens or Sam’s. It’s not expensive to have them printed in store…maybe $2, but the quality is so much better than using a home printer. All of mine were printed in 5 x 7, but you can go larger if you want to.

Ok, folks! Print, frame, & enjoy!



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