How to go shopping with twins

I distinctly remember a friend asking me how on earth I would ever be able to buy groceries with two babies. I was about 10 weeks pregnant, terribly sick, and overwhelmed by nausea and heartburn. Then she said, “Oh never mind. You’ll put one in the cart and wear one.”

That’s the moment I decided that I would babywear.

I “bought” one of those horrid slings from sevenslings and a terrible Infantino crotch dangler from Walmart. They were both awful and short-lived, thank goodness, and my husband and I quickly moved on to a Mei Tai for me and an Ergo for him. I also had a Moby wrap somewhere in there, but we didn’t wear babies for a long time. We put them into our shopping carts (remember, IN the basket, not ON) and bought groceries as a team, often dividing to avoid all the “You’ve sure got your hands full” comments.

However, at about three months, in the midst of exclusively pumping and Jed going back to work and the sleep deprivation that wore me to my very core, I took the car, two babies, and the Mei Tai and tackled groceries all on my own. I went as fast as I could, avoiding eye contact with everyone, throwing things around the twins in the basket until they were considerably camouflaged and people stopped looking at us. I successfully bought groceries and got back home in time to pump again and feed them another bottle and change their diapers for the gazillionth time.

It was so intimidating. It was an adventure. And honestly, I am usually up for challenges. If anything, having twins has really solidified my self-confidence. If I could do that, I could do anything.

So now, I park my car, toss a baby onto my back or front (whoever is lucky that day, but usually Cormac– he’s lighter and not as squirmy), wrap them with whatever I choose, and put the other on my hip. The world got so much calmer for us at about six months. Clara could sit in the cart, Cormac could ride on my back, and we could once again fill an entire cart up with groceries if we wanted to. No leeks in the carseat next to a sleeping baby. I do get people coming up and talking to me about them, but that doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m a friendly person and I’ve never verbally abused the thousandth person who said, “You’ve sure got your hands full.”

I just say, “Yep, I do,” and go on with my shopping–just me and my twins.

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  1. Allison -  September 26, 2012 - 2:02 pm

    I spoke with a mom yesterday who was babywearing at the grocery store. At first I thought she was carrying him on her hip until I saw her from the front. We spoke briefly and discussed different wraps. It’s nice knowing you’re not the only one wearing a baby to run errands.

    Side note: I was wearing my little one to the park with the older ones one day and some prepubesant boys were asking each other why I was wearing my baby. 😉

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