I’m a #Qool Mom Too!


Only 4168 miles separated Atticus and I from the white sandy beaches of Lanikai this past May. A friend had offered us her buddy passes to see if we could find venues on the island of Oahu for a potential MommyCon date. The ideas of taking a business trip to Hawaii was one that no one forgot to taunt me about… I mean really, Hawaii. Business Trip. It sounded like a phenomenal idea to me!

For us to get to Hawaii we stopped in Seattle where we met Laney and Penny. With an all-day stopover we toured around the city and enjoyed all the sights, eats and sounds. It was great, and one of the only times in our friendship that we have been able to “just hang out.” Normally hanging out for us is strategizing world domination, err, I mean, future MommyCon plans.

Rewind to checking into my Chicago flight, I opted to check the Joovy Too Qool – the double stroller we would be traveling with – all the way to Oahu. I didn’t want to lug it through the airport or on the trains, plus in order to get it to fit in the Clek Weelee travel bag, I had to disassemble the entire thing. At one point I had one of the wheels in my carry on, because I forgot to shove the wheel in the bag before checking it in.

Six hours later, we landed on Oahu, grabbed our bags and headed for the hotel. It was the equivalent to 3AM Chicago time, and we were all pretty beat. No time for assembling strollers, just time for snoozing.


The next day we broke out the Weelee and started putting together the Too Qool, which by the way, is a cinch to put together. In less than 5 minutes the stroller was built. Before I could grab my diaper bag, Penny had already climbed in and Atticus was attempting to push her around the hotel room.






We strolled all over the island in the double stroller; sometimes with one kid, and other times with both. We traversed the hilly terrain of Oahu, and even navigated the bus system with it… which I wouldn’t recommend as they make you collapse the stroller regardless if the bus is full or not. The stroller folds in two pieces, which can be a bit tricky when wrangling two active toddlers. The seat pops off and then the frame and second seat can fold down. It’s not the slimmest profile-fold, but it’s not ginormous either.

It glides though, and it strolls so nicely. When you have nearly 60 pounds of baby plus a diaper bag or two, a stroller can become pretty cumbersome, but the Joovy Too Qool glides down streets. Cracks in the pavement or smooth surfaces do not matter, as this stroller will get through even semi-rocky terrain. It’s a bit hard to bump a curb, but again, as a double stroller, you are carrying a heavy load.

Kids were happy the duration of the week, and we used the stroller just about every day. Atticus was just too heavy to be worn the duration of the trip and the stroller served as a form of entertainment to Penny Pie when the two kiddos weren’t strolling in style. By the way, style wise, this stroller is aces. It’s sleek and has just the right amounts of feminine and masculine that a mama will love it and a tough old papa bear won’t mind pushing it either.


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Xza Louise Higgins is the founder of MommyCon, creator of The Mommy Dialogues, and punk rock mom to two year old Atticus in the great city of Chicago, IL. She is incredibly passionate about birth options, human rights, and promoting gentle parenting practices.

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