Karate Kid and the potty… Our Journey to Chonies!

Well lets just say our story is very lack luster. It starts with “He” and ends with “did it himself”. I was not a player in this game. He literally was in a diaper Saturday and halfway through Sunday he said he wanted to go on the pee pee on the potty. (mommy jumping up and down, another easy thing for me) He’s kind of a tough toddler boy so I think I deserved a break in the sleeping and PLing department! I put up with a lot of ” No I will not” and ” No you are being nasty mommy”


I did have a little Bjorn potty for him that we had gotten around his 2nd birthday. I never pressured him to sit on it or to even look at it. I did point out when Karate Daddy went potty, and he was always present when I went potty, naturally. So I was thinking he would just get the drift eventually.


I think we started to get the “What you doing” questions at about 28 months. So I was always honest with him. He knew his body parts as the were intended to be, anatomically correctly pronounced (sometimes it does work against me in public). So I thought I would just keep feeding him the information he would ask for and we would be golden when the time came.


I was not ready when he was, obviously. I was not ready for the mad dashes to the restroom while shopping in Target. Or the carrying chonies (our word for underwear) in my purse and having to always bring a massive amounts of clothes with me on every outing. Or the potty seat that would now travel in my bag because the big potty at stores, malls and restaurants were too scary. Seriously kid, carry your own bag of potty essentials! I carry my own “diapers” (what he calls my pads).

So that was it. He went from saturday to sunday and potty learned himself. He was just ready I guess. I let him do it on his own. I wanted to wait longer for my own selfish reasons, I loved my cloth! But he was ready and I was not going to slow him down, so I went with it. He has come a long way in the 5 months he has been using the potty. He now actually holds it if we are in the car or on a train or not near a bathroom. He will lovingly remind me every 5 seconds that he has to go potty until I locate the nearest potty. I did however go ahead and purchase a small travel potty that we take with us, because it has little bags that you hook under it and make it into a potty wherever you are. Very convenient when you have a toddler!  So I highly recommend this:


So long story short I did not find PLing to be full of trials and tribulations, as it has been for a lot of my friends.

There was no bribing, no rewards(other than a few stickers) and there was no stress on anyones part. So I think Karate Kid’s journey was very simple, and I am so thankful for it. Although I do not have high hopes that I will get that lucky a 2nd time around!


Now my days are filled with wiping a bum in the bathroom, dumping matter into the big potty, cleaning pee off of my floor because he now INSISTS on peeing while standing (still working on the aim and the adjustment with the flow of the pee) but all in all we are doing just fine! Even if all the Dinos have to go to the potty with him, or the potty needs to make an appearance in my kitchen or living room because he does not want to be left out of whatever is going on, not even for a quick pee!

Oh, I should mention that we already get the “Go out and close the door, leave me alone”. Good grief, he has some serious attitude for almost 3!IMG_2870-Toodles

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