Mom Monday: Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth TMD

Hello my name is Elizabeth and  I am currently a stay at home mom. My husband Shelby and I got married on April 2nd 2011, seriously one of the best days of my life. Not long after we got married he started to talk about children. He actually convinced me to have a baby. I’m sure that doesn’t happen often the husband talking the wife into children, but from there we began planning a baby. We were renting a lovely house and I was already planning a nursery when I got a call from our landlord, he had sold the house when we still had a month on the lease. We were able to move in with a friend, but when that didn’t work out I called my mom and she agreed to let us live with her.

I was working full time, if not more and when I moved in with my mom something changed in the company I was working for. After three and a half years with them, they let me go. I remember yelling at my boss “WHO IS GOING TO HIRE A GIRL WHO IS 7 MONTH PREGANAT?” then hanging up. Who calls someone to fire them? So to recap I was pregnant, married, living in my mom’s house, and now out of work. I had soon found a job that didn’t care that I was pregnant because it was temporary for the holidays and I worked for them until I pulled something in my back, which put me on bed rest. So the company had to let me go and I became a stay at home mom before my son was even born.

During all of this I was doing some prenatal care, but had very little due to issues with me being married but us having different last names. It made getting Medicaid very difficult. When I finally got it, I was about five months. The doctor had told me even though I had missed a few prenatal test that everything was still right on track. The week before my due date I had a doctor’s appointment the same day my husband had a job interview. My appointment was in the morning and his interview the afternoon. During my appointment the doctor had said that she thought my son was a little on the small side. She mentioned that he may not have the room he needed to grow anymore due to the size of my body. She tried to get me to go in that night to be induced. Mind you I was only 39 weeks and I didn’t want to just spring it on everyone, so I asked if I could have a week to plan and tell family. Thinking back now, I think she just didn’t want me to have Blake on Valentine’s Day.  Later that day Shelby had his interview and he got the job. They were very nice, letting him start the Friday after I was induced.

I went in at noon on Valentine’s Day 2012 to be induced. It started off well, but contractions didn’t start till 1 am on the 15th. I had a few complications after that. They thought the Pitocin was making my son’s heart rate drop. They kept turning it off and on to see if it would help. From there I could only lay a certain way for everything to be okay with him, when they finally got it to work correctly and Blake’s heart rate was steady it was about 10pm. The doctor came in and said that if I didn’t have him by midnight I was going to have a C-section. Being a first time mom, that is exactly what I did not want to happen. The nurses came in and even though I was only 9 centimeter dilated they stretched me out and had me push anyways. As I was pushing I began to tear and ended up with an episiotomy. I don’t recommend it. As I pushed Blake out the doctor and nurses mentioned to me that his cord was wrapped around his neck, which might have been the reason his heart rate kept dropping. At 11:03 pm on February 15th, 2012 I gave birth to a perfectly healthy 7 pound 5 ounces little boy named Blake Lee.

Elizabeth TMD2

Flash forward to now. I spend a lot of my free time now volunteering at a nonprofit pregnancy and family center. We help moms in need with diapers, wipes, gently used clothing, baby furniture and toys. It’s such a rewarding way to spend my time. Blake loves hanging out there, and loves meeting all the kids that come and go.

Time sure does fly though, my little man is two years old. My husband is now the youngest store manager in his district with the shortest amount of time under his belt. My mom still travels a ton including a trip to Mexico, China, and Brazil coming up, and I spend as much time doing whatever I can with Blake.

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