Mom Monday: Luca’s Speedy Home Waterbirth Story

At around 10pm I said good night to my pregnant belly and accepted the fact that he may wait until his due date to make his appearance. Little did I know 3hrs later, just a little before 1am my water would break. It started as a slow leak and then bam, a huge gush. I immediately called my midwife. She told me to rest until my contractions started and were consistent. After I spoke to her I called my mom and my best friend, Kristina, while Nico called his mom. Twenty minutes later I started contracting. I sat on the toilet and just breathed through them while listening to my birth affirmations.

I believe between 2 – 2:30 Nico filled up the tub and I called my midwife to let her know that my contractions have been consistent and that it’s time for her to come. Afterwards, I labored in bed on my hands and knees.

While I labored in bed, Nico made coffee in between checking on me, my mom and his mother made lentil soup to have after labor, and Kristina took pictures.

Around 3 am I went into the tub and it felt sooooooo good. Close to 3 I started feeling my body push. I started to freak out, my midwife wasn’t here yet! I labored fast with my first and I knew I was going to labor quickly this time around as well.
I remember at one point I told Nico that he might have to delivery this baby if the midwife doesn’t get here ASAP! I was definitely in freak out mode- relaxation from the hypnobirthing techniques I had been practicing for months now were out the window. Kristina and Nico were calling the midwife. She finally came a little bit before 3:30. We all cheered!

Once she set up some of her supplies, I had her check me and I was 7cm. I kept feeling my body push itself. I tried my very best to breathe through them. I believe nearing close to 4 am I had her check me again and I was about 9.5cm she said. From then on every time I had a contraction I would let out a very loud primal scream all while Nico held my hands.

I tried my best to just breathe through them and keep quiet- not wake up Adonis. I just couldn’t, it felt so good to let it out. When I was crowning I was able to feel Luca’s head. I have to be honest it felt so weird, but it was reassuring to me that my baby was finally coming to me. My birth affirmations were playing in the background and they were really helping me to stay positive. I kept telling myself out loud “I can do this” “I’m going to meet my baby soon”. Then I was beginning to push Luca. I felt his big ole head trying to come out; I was beginning to break. I recall telling my midwife I couldn’t do this- that he was too big. She kept positive though and said no he isn’t, that I can do this, and that I was doing a great job.

I finally pushed his head out. I kept trying to push, but I didn’t feel my body contracting anymore. That’s when things got dramatic. Even though I was focused on laboring I felt everyone’s tension and panic in the room. My midwife asked me to get on my hands and knees. She helped pull him out while I was forcing myself to push.

Finally! At 4:28am Thursday, August 28th Luca made his debut!

Once I had Luca in my arms I asked my mom to check Adonis to see if he woke up. I guess the minute she walked into his room we all heard Adonis sleepily cry out “Baby!” mind you, Luca hasn’t started crying yet. Everything was so calm. My mom took Adonis out, he was still waking up, but he acknowledged Luca. It was absolutely beautiful!


I got out of the tub and Luca and I went into bed. I birthed my placenta. We waited a while before Nico cut the cord. Kristina made my placenta smoothie for me while I got acquainted with Luca. For the most part everything afterwards was a bit of a blur. I was so tired and could barely keep my eyes open. I remember eating my soup, drinking my smoothie, my midwife talking to me, nursing Luca, and attempting to use the bathroom. Sunrise came and my midwife weighed Luca and took his measurements. He was 8lbs 10oz and 20.5″ long.

If I could I would do this all over again. This was an amazing empowering experience that I will cherish forever.

We have a video of the birth that we still need to edit, but I’m extremely excited to share. So consider this as “Part One” of Luca’s birth story.

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