My Annoyance with the Vaccine Debate.


Rude vaccine debates have been all over lately and they are driving me crazy.

Let me start off with saying this is an OPINION piece, not scientific based, although I will tell you about a neutral book I have enjoyed at the end. Also there will be strong language. And I’m annoyed.  So you have been forewarned.

My annoyance is not with one side vs the other. Both judgey ends of the spectrum have been bothering me. First off, nothing boggles my mind more than the horrible, judgmental comments people feel like they need to share on Facebook and other social media. I get it, I have strong convictions just as much as the next person. But somehow I am able to manage not being a total asshole. If I can be compassionate and mindful of other people’s feelings towards, what I consider important child health issues, I don’t see why it is such a problem for others.

The first gem I saw a couple months ago was some buzz feed or huff post article titled something along the lines of “Parents may be forced to vaccinate their children” and someone shared that article with the comment “Good. Crazies should be forced to vaccinate before they cause deaths.” You know, I found a slight problem with that. I was honestly shocked that someone had the opinion that children, if needed, should be held down and forced to get a vaccine against their parents’ will. That comment made me think of something along the lines of the idea to micro-chip every child for the safety of society, which seems a little…what’s a polite word….CRAZY. Government mandated vaccines are just not what I would consider reasonable, but hey, maybe I’m a little conservative. Allowing the government to dictate what we must inject into our bodies is just downright scary!

Another friend posted a pro-vaccine article that wasn’t my personal opinion, but at least there wasn’t an overly offensive comment with it.  Naturally I wanted to click on the comments  and low and behold I saw something along the lines of “I wish people would stop basing their decision on whether or not to vaccinate because some celebrity told them it causes autism.” Hmmmmm. I mean, what do you say to that? Frankly, speculating that all anti-vaxers do so solely because Jenny McCarthy told them to (which she didn’t) is fucking insulting. MAYBE, just MAYBE there are some other factors. Like because the parents realize there are heavy metals, formaldehyde, and animal products being directly injected into their babies?  Or maybe their children have health issues and vaccines cause them to flare up. Or maybe they live in the middle of no where and their children have little to no interaction with people beyond their family. Maybe they are strict vegans and do not want chicken and cow products injected into their babies. Maybe they are nervous that a certain vaccine hasn’t been on the market long. Maybe they are worried about vaccine injuries, that DO happen. Nope. It MUST be because of Jenny McCarthy.

Incase you thought this was only about my annoyance with the rude pro-vaxers, it’s not. Hey you, judgey anti-vaxers, I have seen some of you be just as sanctimonious. My favorite is when someone states that they are choosing to vaccinate their children and they get numerous people telling them to “do their research.” As if every.single.time. someone researches they should ALWAYS come to the conclusion that vaccines are evil. I know this may come as a shock, but sometimes people do actually research whether or not vaccines are right for their family and come to the conclusion that it IS right. They might not breastfeed their children, which gives extra immunity, or start daycare at 6 weeks and need protection against illnesses that can circulate like wildfire in centers.

Another tip- if you choose to not vaccinate your children, please at least know a basic answer as to why you are choosing that path. I was speaking with a nurse friend yesterday and she told me you wouldn’t believe how many parents come in, say they are choosing not to vaccinate, but do not have the slightest idea why. There are many reasons why someone would choose not to vaccinate, please at least know one so you don’t make the whole group of non-vaccine parents look like uneducated idiots.

I think both extremist sides need to take a step back and look at something that is overlooked. Maybe instead of judging each other we need to start judging the pharmaceutical companies that put company dollar over the health of the population. If you think for one second those big companies’ first concerns are giving a shit about you and your children, you’re sadly mistaken. I know for me, vaccines would be a whole different story if the fillers acting as an adjuvent weren’t junk. I don’t like my kids eating heavily processed food filled with harmful ingredients or using skin care made with poisonous ingredients, why would I want them injected them with it?

Whether or not you believe in vaccinating or not vaccinating is irrelevant to me. I don’t care. I won’t ever ask you. I won’t refuse to go to playdates with unvaccinated children or worry about the vaccinated kids “shedding” on mine. To be honest I’m not anti-vaccine, nor am I pro-vaccine. What I am is pro-choice  and anti-asshole.




*** A good neutral book to read about vaccines is The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. It tells you the history, ingredients, possible side effect….ect.***

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