My Kids Eat Like Crap… Help!

Recently there has been a lot of buzz about GMO’s, healthy eating, organic food, and so on. Everytime I read something new about it, I have guilty mommy butterflies float up inside my chest.

My kids eat like crap.

I so badly want to feed my kids the best. In a dream world, we would avoid all GMO’s, drink raw milk, use only local farm fresh eggs and grass fed beef, eliminate processed foods, and completely eradicate the foods Zoelie & I are allergic to (corn and soy.. Ugh!).

Unfortunately, it is HARD and as a busy work-at-home mom who honestly is a terrible cook & meal planner, I am totally overwhelmed.

I feel good that my kids ask for water over milk or juice and that our chickens will start laying eggs this fall. But that’s as far as I have been able to go.

I mean really, I consider it an accomplishment if I am able to cook a decent dinner and actually get my kids to EAT it! Allister ONLY will eat cereal, goldfish, pancakes and chicken nuggets and *gasp* mac and cheese. Pasta and rice and pb&j. The only thing remotely good for her besides the natural peanut butter we changed to is the organic fruit that she snacks on all day. And even that probably still isn’t perfect.

Zoelie is even worse- dinner time frequently turns into tear fest, as trying new things is overwhelming for her, and 9 times out of ten she will practically beg to go to bed without dinner before agreeing to taste something. (And I’m talking like burgers and lasagna. Nothing unusual or experimental or gourmet.)

So what is a mom to do? We make smoothies to sneak in veggies besides the carrots and peppers they will occasionally eat. But even if I could afford to buy all organic and had a plan to source it all, all grass-fed, local, GMO free… I couldn’t convince my kids to eat it.

It’s a battle that drains me. A fight that breaks my heart because I see how distressed they get over food. I don’t want to force feed my kids, but I want to expand their horizons and make sure their little brains and bodies are getting the nutrition they need. And I want to get rid of the chemicals that are hurting them.

I understand their caution with new foods because I am picky myself due to texture issues and a particular traumatic encounter with raw chicken as a child. I want to understand their reasons as well and not be tempted to have the attitude of “I’m a grown up and you have to eat it because I say so.” However, I am so lost. I feel like throwing my hands up in the air and giving up.

How do you handle your picky kids and nutrition issues?

One Frustrated Mommy



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  1. Christina -  July 7, 2013 - 12:26 pm

    Its so hard once they have established bad eating habits 🙁 we went off processed food and gmos when my son was 5 months old. But he’s almost a year now. And he likes just about everything except potatoes they need to be mixed with lots of veggies for him to yeat them. But some of the things I’ve read because I was worried about him being a picky eater. If they help you make the food and pick it out if you go to the store with them. And if you. Cut out meat two or three days a weak you can save a lot of money! We went vegetarian and now only buy organic food and ingredients. And our bill isn’t more than it was before.

  2. Erin -  July 9, 2013 - 1:03 am has great resources for super easy meals and ideas about getting your kids involved in buying and preparing food. If they see you putting in more energy and making it a priority, they will gradually come along. Don’t stress though. And think about supplements to make sure they get enough vitamins and minerals.

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