My Newest *MUST HAVE* for Infants: Ergobaby Swaddler

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Okay, I have to (NEED to) tell you all about my new favorite baby item at the moment. The new Ergobaby Swaddlers are

(Yeah I said it, I referenced that amazing early 2000’s slang to describe this product.)DSC05975

When Ergo sent me this to try I was excited but not that excited. I’ve tried other swaddlers in the past and have a basket full of A&A swaddle blankets. I just didn’t see how Ergo could impress me that much with their new product.

Swaddling has sooooo many benefits. It mimics how the baby felt in your womb which offers a lot of comfort. Also you know the startle reflex babies all have? Well this helps prevent it from happening while they sleep so they aren’t woken up from their sudden movements. Studies show swaddling helps prevent SIDs and lastly, it it prevents babies from scratching up their cute little faces. 

One of the first things I noticed about the swaddlers was how soft and cushy they felt. 


When I spread out the swaddler I’m not going to lie, I was a little intimated I wouldn’t be able to figure out how they worked. But rest assured, they come with super easy instructions. 


My son needed to be swaddled in order for him to get a good nights sleep. Lola on the other hand, seemed to be able to sleep just fine without being swaddled. The first night we used the Ergobaby Swaddler she slept from 10:30pm to 7:30am.

LET ME REPEAT: 10:30pm to 7:30am. She is 8 weeks old.

Even before we started using the swaddlers she was a good sleeper but now she is a rockstar sleeper. Baby is happier. Daddy is happier. I am happier.

We use it in her Rock-N-Play

We use it in her Rock-N-Play

We use it while co-sleeping.

We use it while co-sleeping.


We use it in the crib.

 Some of the features I like best about the Ergobaby Swaddlers are:

***How soft it is and the material they use (100% knit cotton)
***The spots for you to put your baby’s arms. It’s wiggle proof.
*** The leg pouch. Not only does this allow super easy diaper changes, it gives your baby’s legs lots of room to allow the froggy leg position. One of the criticisms of swaddling is it could cause hip dysplasia. Ergobaby’s patented design avoids this. 
***The velcro is actually soft. It isn’t picky like most velcros. 

 If I HAD to say one thing I didn’t absolutely love, it would be that I think the leg pouch doesn’t come up high enough. I don’t care for the look of the exposed velcro. But really, I’m being picky. 

The Ergobaby Swaddler comes in two color choices (blue/natural) and (pink/natural). You also have your choice between two sizes (S/M) and (M/L). They are available to purchase directly from Ergobaby or you can support TMD by clicking here to purchase the swaddlers from Amazon. 

 (Full disclosure: Ergobaby did not pay me for this review. They sent me this product to try and if I didn’t like it, I’d tell you)