November Baby Update!

Name: Kelli
Baby Name: Adele
Age: 21 months
Height: Unknown
Weight: 20 pounds! Finally!
Hair: Wispy, strawberry blond
Eyes: Blue
Clothing Size: 18/24 months
Shoe Size: 4 or 5
Teeth: tons! She has most of her teeth now, excluding her two year molars.
Eating habits: Adele is eating pretty well lately. Bananas are still a favorite, as are potatoes in any form. She loves homemade applesauce, too. She is eating more consistently, eating something for at least three meals per day, which is sort of new. She also still nurses a lot, at least 3 – 5 times during the day. She is sleeping better, though: she typically only nurses twice at night, which is SO awesome. If she’s teething or sick, it’s more frequent, but otherwise, twice is our new normal, which I love.
Communication: Still only saying one word at a time, and most come with sign language. It works though, so I’m in no hurry to increase her words. She also says “shoooo” to let people know she loves shoes, and now says “wuvoo!” for I love you. It’s so sweet.
Movement: Still lots of running and dancing!

Baby Name: Atticus
Age: 12 months – 11/30/12
Height: 31”+
Weight: 26 lbs+
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing Size: 18 months
Shoe Size: 4 -chubby feet don’t fit into much though!
Teeth: 4 on top, 4 on the bottom and he seems to be working on a couple more! Chompers galore!
Eating habits: The boob. He has started to like Plum Organics pouches though which is a step towards solids.
Communication: Lots of noise, but no real words. He does say mama, papa, no and hi though
Movement: Cruising and crawling to his hearts content!

Name: Jessica
Baby Name: Clara
Age: 13 months
Height: 29 inches
Weight: 18ish lbs
Hair: Curly and brown
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing Size: 12 months
Shoe Size: 3
Teeth: 4 top incisors, 2 bottom incisors
Eating habits: She has actually slowed down her intake a bit recently, but she still eats like a champ. Nurses 4-5 times daily.
Communication: Mama, Dada, Bapa (grandpa) and some random mimicry (Thank you, Annie, duck, buh-bye, etc).
Movement: She’s an official walker, but mostly crawls still. She has also learned how to climb. Wish me luck.

Baby Name: Cormac
Age: 13 months
Height: 29 inches
Weight: 15-16 lbs
Hair: Blond (and I cut it)
Eyes: Blue
Clothing Size: 12 months
Shoe Size: 3
Teeth: 4 top incisors, 2 lower incisors, 1 premolar
Eating habits: The boy has FINALLY discovered that food can be a very good thing. Now with a little prodding he will try new things, and usually discovers that he kind of likes them. Nurses 4-5 times daily plus 3+ times at night.
Communication: Mostly dadadada these days, but some mama in there too.
Movement: He’s a crawler and a dancer.

Name: Misty
Baby Name: Elliot
Age: 18 months
Height: Not sure
Weight: 25 lbs.
Hair: Curly & huge
Eyes: Dark brown
Clothing Size: 18/24 months
Shoe Size: 3-5
Teeth: All of them!
Eating habits: Elliot eats more than a teenage boy. She eats a ton, then eats what we don’t eat. I literally have to hide & eat if I don’t want to share or if I want to eat in silence. She’s like a food zombie.
Communication: She’s a BIG talker. She is saying 2-3 word sentences now. She repeats EVERYTHING, too. She is also REALLY bossy with her words. “No”, “stop it”, “I want”, & “you go” are her favorites. Lucky me.
Movement: Jumping, rolling, flipping, & dancing!

Name: Risa
Baby Name: Harper
Age: 11 months
Height: Probably close to 28.5-29 inches
Weight: Not sure but hopefully close to 17 pounds or more
Hair: Strawberry Blonde and pretty wild
Eyes: Left is hazel and her right is blue
Clothing Size: 9-12 months
Shoe Size: 3?
Teeth: about 8… some are still working there way in
Eating habits: She eats and eats and eats. There is not much she doesn’t gobble up. She really loves yogurt, cheese and BREAD. She freaking loves bread. If I prepare her a sandwich she eats all the bread first then the meat. She is still breastfeeding throughout the day anywhere from 4-10+ times. She does get water out of a sippy and she has gotten really good at using it.
Communication: She jibber jabbers a ton. She has even learned to yell and sing. She is trying to say more “words” and they are becoming easier to understand. She does say mama and dada with distinction. She can say “there she is” when you ask her “where’s Harper?”. She will repeat “stinky” but only when she is poopy. Sometimes she mimics saying “Thanks”. I think she tries to say our dog’s name but she does yell at him sometimes which is really humorous.
Movement: She crawls, stands independently, dances, head bangs, and CLIMBS…gulp


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