Philly was a Blast!


The more events we do, the more I love my job and the more comfortable I get with standing up in front of a bajillion people and talking.  You probably wouldn’t know it by looking at me when I get up to do my seminar thing….but inside I am FREAKING out.  MommyCon is really the first time I have ever done any public speaking, and it’s still scary for me every time I have to get up there.  Honestly it still amazes me that people are even coming to listen to what I have say.  Xza’s husband Kevin is constantly telling me that I kill at every event, but it’s still hard for me to believe.  I always feel like I did a poor job, and that people will be disappointed in my seminars.

Anywho I digress, Philly was AWESOME.  I had the BEST time being silly with Jamie Grayson (push Jamie, PUSH!) and talking (and sharing Ponzu sauce) with January from Birth Without Fear, who is quite possibly the most hilarious person I have ever met (Vagina!).  I also ate a REAL and legit Philly Cheesesteak, and HOLY CRAP was it amazing.  I do have to admit though, I just couldn’t do the cheese whiz and got provolone instead….sorry Phillyians.  It was still amazing, the thick cut steak really makes it.  Mmmmmmmm so good.

MommyCon has also become an easy way for me to see old friends and to meet in person people I’ve known for years online.  Philly was no exception, and I got to hang out with a very good friend Leah who helped out in the babywearing lounge and also won the Britax Frontier 90! Go Leah!  Meeting moms I’ve known forever on IG was super awesome as well.  I love being able to finally hug these mama’s who have given us so much support and friendship. It was also great to sit and chat with Ashlee from the 4th Trimester Bodies Project in between her sessions, and it was so sweet of her to squeeze in my bestie for her own 4th Trimester shoot (proud of you Natasha).  I loved getting to snuggle Ashlee’s sweet little peanut.

As always it was awesome to be with Xza and Laney again and it’s really a testament to how far we’ve come that we didn’t even need Kevin…who was in the room almost the entire time with a slightly under the weather Atticus.  I know I say this every time, but Philly was our best event yet and I am so excited for Portland next month.  I am very much looking forward to seeing more old friends (YAY Ruthie!) and spending more time with new ones, and my Dad and Step-Mom are even going to come down from Seattle.  It’s going to be RAD and I will be attacking VooDoo Donuts with a fury.  Mmmmmm Maple Bacon donut.


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