Stitch Fix {Review}

So I tried this new thing the other day, and I wanted to let you all know about it. Do you have trouble shopping? Or maybe you just wish you were more adventurous in what you choose to wear, like me. I am not an adventurous dress-er. I have what Carl calls my “uniform,” which consists of a yoga skirt and a t-shirt, and on off days I wear a comfy dress or tunic. In the winter, I add leggings and boots, but I don’t really vary a whole lot. I like to be comfortable, and I happen to be most comfortable in dresses or skirts, so I mostly stick to them. And since I spend 99% of my time at home with my kids, yoga skirts are just a step up from yoga pants. Anyhow, you get the picture. I go shopping, I try to find something new or different, and usually go home with a yoga skirt in a different color. I see friends in their cute outfits, or I pine for great fashion while browsing my favorite blogs or my instagram feed, but I don’t really feel capable of putting together what I see on other people. So when I heard about Stitch Fix, I was instantly intrigued. I signed up right away, and checked my email frequently, hoping I’d been removed from the waiting list and allowed to fill out my profile.

A week or two after signing up, I finally received my welcome e-mail, and I quickly filled in all the blanks on the screen. It was so exciting!

What is Stitch Fix, exactly? Stitch Fix is a new online personal stylist that is, quite simply, brilliant. You sign up, wait for an e-mail (it’s still in beta, so only a few spots open up at a time) and then fill out an online profile. This profile puts together an image for your stylist, giving him/her what he/she needs to work with: body type, size, style preference, what you currently fill your closest with, and what you wish you filled your closets with. A personal shopper/stylist then chooses five items of clothing that fit into the parameters you have set, and mails them to you on whatever date you have chosen to have your first “Fix.”

The catch is that you pay $20 for each Fix. However, once you receive your first box from Stitch Fix, you have the option of buying anything inside. If you do purchase something from inside your Stitch Fix box, you then use your $20 Fix fee towards the item(s) you purchase. Shipping is free both ways, so when you consider the price of shipping these days, this is a pretty great deal.

I actually loved my Stitch Fix experience. For someone like me, who lives far away from anywhere to shop, it was nice to have quality clothes to try on in the comfort of my home. I loved that the clothes I tried were different from anything I would choose on my own, which is exactly what I need to mix things up in my wardrobe a little bit. Not only that, but it was SO FUN. Seriously, I was beyond thrilled when my first Fix arrived. I couldn’t wait to rip it open (which my girls actually did for me; otherwise, I would have a few pictures of how nicely it was packaged)!

I took pictures of each item I was sent; however, you will have to excuse the horrible photo quality. All of my mirrors are close to a wall, and it was just too close to get a good shot with my real camera, so I had to use my phone. So please, bear with me. I wanted to give you an idea of what I was sent, though, so I photographed myself anyway.

This shawl was definitely not me. It felt a little too mature, plus it was way too elegant for the area I live in.

This top was one of my favorite pieces. It was really cute, and very different from anything I typically wear. If it had been a better fit (it was too big in the shoulders) I would have kept this one for sure.

This sweater was absolutely beautiful, and so incredibly soft. I loved the color, too, and it made my green eyes even greener. However, the style was a bit too 90s for me, so it went back as well.

This was Carl’s favorite. It fit well, and once again, if I lived somewhere else, I would have kept it. The front was a soft suede, and it was very comfortable and fit well.

While I loved the pattern on this dress, it was my least favorite item in my Fix. It was too long for my frame, and it added a lot of weight for some reason. It wasn’t at all flattering on me, and was a little too big.

I wanted to show you one of the tags that came with each item. They gave you a couple of ideas for how you could incorporate the item into an outfit, which was really nice. I liked seeing how something was meant to be worn (even if I would do something different with it).

Even though I sent everything back in my first Fix, I will probably be ordering another Fix soon. It was just too fun not to! When you send your package back, you login to your account with Stitch Fix and give them feedback on each item. I am hoping that after the feedback from my first Fix, I will have a box filled with things I love next time!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? If you have, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. If not, click the Stitch Fix logo below to sign up for your first Fix. You won’t regret it! And let me know what you think after you give it a try.

*I wasn’t compensated in any way for this review. The opinions expressed are purely my own and come from a desire to share a fun experience with our readers.*

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  1. Risa -  September 18, 2012 - 11:02 am

    Cool!!!! I may have to try this 🙂 What were the prices on the individual pieces like?

    • Kelli -  September 18, 2012 - 11:26 am

      Average price was about $70 per item, so more than I would typically pay for clothes. But, I figured if there was something I absolutely LOVED, and it was high quality, it would be worth it. 😉

  2. Joy -  January 23, 2013 - 5:13 pm

    They do not carry plus sizes

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