Tekhni Persephone Onyx Review

Tekhni Persephone Onyx 100% cotton. Size 6 and 27.5 inches wide.

When I pulled this bad ass wrap from the package my first thoughts were this is not what I expected. The pattern is a much smaller scale than it’s older brother Ceres, which to me, is more aesthetically pleasing. The weft is black but the overall wrap looks a dark gray.

Three words to describe feel in hand:
TEXTURE! Holy texture.

To give you an idea of what I need in a wrap I’ll tell you about my wrapee. Lola is an 11 month old leg straightening, seat popping, stage one leaning, hair pulling, spitfire. As much as I love the soft and smooshy texture of some of my Didy’s, we need something more hardcore as she’s a freakishly hard kid to wrap.

It arrived to me already washed and ready to go. I wrapped Lola in a double hammock rebozo. If she could stay put in that carry, the wrap would pass the crazy leaning baby test. It was rock.solid. Persephone was surprisingly easy to wrap with! Usually textured wraps such as this leave me sweating My chest pass tightened easily. It has nice stretch and bounce. I wouldn’t call it cushy but it feels great on my shoulders.


If I had to pick a wrap that it reminds me of I’d have to say an un mercerized cotton Pavo Gotham, such as Steel. It’s dense, floppy, supportive and uber textured. Taking photos of both and having both in hand at the same time confirms they are very, very similar. While I prefer the looks of Gotham’s design, Persephone was easier to wrap and offered the same support.
If you like textured and more hardcore wraps this would be for you. If you need support because your kiddo is either crazy like mine, or just a toddler, this is for you. If you are a newer wrapper and prefer a wet, silky and glidey wrap you may not enjoy Persephone Onyx as much.


Overall I’m so glad I was able to try Persephone Onyx and it’s now on my list.


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