The Lost Battle with the Co-sleeper

I have never been a fan of co-sleeping… personally. I am a firm believer to each is own and as long as it is done safely than it is not a big deal. I am very opposed to the scare tactics used to make families believe that sharing a bed is deadly. Like I said as long as it done safely I think it can be a great thing. I personally have never co-slept…Until now. I never wanted my baby in my bed. I was quite content having them in the bassinet right next to me but I like having my bubble all to myself at night. Ask my husband how much I love snuggling? I don’t, I hate it actually. Now I am not saying there has never been a time that I snuggled up with my breastfeeding baby and we both dozed off because that would be totally fibbing. Their space was their space and mine was mine.

Than came Harper… Harper is a co sleeper. No other options are available with her besides insomnia. She would be totally passed out and snoring than as soon as she is in the bassinet and I am in my bed… BOOOMMMM! Screaming baby. So now I am a co sleeper. I have not invested in a co sleeper because I am hoping I can get her out of my bed soon. A pipe dream I am sure. I have spent a good deal of time reading about co sleeping and the information I have found has really put my mind at ease. It is said that both baby and mom become so en tuned with each other that it could actually lower the risk of S.I.D.S. What most don’t know that most deaths caused with co-sleeping is due to the parent being intoxicated or a smoker. Sometimes she is perfectly content being propped up snuggled in the boppy (yes I am aware I should not do that but she is swaddled and doesn’t move yet. Plus she has reflux so we need to prop her). I know when she is spurting because during those nights not only are there increased feedings but her need to be snuggled up to me to sleep comes out. I cannot say honestly that I hate it as much as I thought I would. The first few nights were totally shitty. I woke up with every peep, she sounds like R2D2 in her sleep so there are a lot of peeps. I slept on the edge of the bed. So did my husband.Needless to say, neither one of the parents got any sleep. The fact is that I am actually started to… uhhh hmmm… love co sleeping. This is not to say that this will be a long term situation. I want her in her own space. I want her to feel comfortable sleeping alone. Not just for me but mostly for herself. My main reasoning behind not co-sleeping with the older two was developing the ability to not be fully dependent on me. I didn’t want to be dependent on them either. I look back on it now and I don’t think it mattered. Truth be told is if either one of them wanted to sleep with me they would have. It was already in their wiring and I just took their

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  1. Misty -  January 19, 2012 - 8:53 pm

    Snuggle away, mama!!! =]

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