The Puj Review

What is it: baby bathtub alternative

Price: $39.99

Where to buy: target, amazon, most major baby stores


I really wanted to love the Puj. First off, it’s pretty cool looking. Second it is space efficient. Thirdly it doesn’t look like a baby tub.

Yes, I admit, I buy things for their looks and hope they work as well as they appear.

The Puj failed me.

We have a small city bathroom which prompted me to want the Puj for it’s space saving ways and sleek design. The packaging boasts that it can fit into standard pedestal and counter top sinks. Well, it didn’t fit in mine and I would say my sink is pretty standard.

The tub “snaps” together with magnets and theoretically gets placed in the sink for a soft cushiony place for baby to bathe. It was a tight fit, but I put the Puj in my sink and grabbed my baby. Due to the sink faucet being low (and standard I might add) there was no way for me to bathe my baby in the sink. The faucet juts out into the tub and I would be hurting my baby by even attempting to get him under it and I can’t put him on top of it either.

Determined to not let the product go to waste, I snapped it together and took it into the tub for Atticus to float in. Please note, this is not very safe. The Puj will easily flip over or become unsnapped if you aren’t holding it while your baby is in it. I will however use it for our co-baths as it did allow me to use one hand to bathe him more efficiently.

Since I can’t use the Puj for it’s intended purpose I tried to think of other ways it can be used. One of which is a super cushy knee pad for using to bathe an older child in the big tub… Albeit a $39.99 knee pad.


So the pros are the cushy knee pad function, the design aesthetic and the fact I can store it on the inside of our door. The cons are that it doesn’t work. I tried it in two of our sinks with no luck.

In the meantime you can stare at my cute pudgy baby floating in the Puj

About the author

Xza Louise Higgins is the founder of MommyCon, creator of The Mommy Dialogues, and punk rock mom to two year old Atticus in the great city of Chicago, IL. She is incredibly passionate about birth options, human rights, and promoting gentle parenting practices.

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  1. Jessica Murphy -  January 22, 2012 - 7:09 pm

    I was really hoping to get one at some point but I have standard sinks too. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Geneva -  January 23, 2012 - 10:02 pm

    Good to know! Thank you. Also: where did Atticus go? He appears to have been replaced by a giant.

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