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My children recently started reaching for and grabbing things, so I jumped on the chance to test out a wooden bead toy from Topponcino n More. I received the toy in the mail, placed my (recently fed and changed) babies on a blanket on the floor and offered them the beads. This is how it went.

Clara immediately grabbed the beads and pulled them to her face. She could grasp the beads really well. They were not slippery at all and her little hands fit well around the beads. She appeared to be interested in them for tactile reasons and played with them for a while on her chest. This lasted for about two minutes before she lost interest, so then I rolled her onto her belly and put the beads in front of her.

This was actually the first time in a long time that she didn’t fight tummy time almost immediately. Her new toy was exciting enough to keep her interest for quite a while. I really appreciated that and used it for several subsequent tummy time sessions, all of which were very successful. (Since then she has learned to roll back to belly, so tummy time is all on her own now.)

Cormac loved these beads from the moment he got his hands on them. He is more coordinated at grasping than his sister is, so it was no big surprise when he immediately and deliberately grabbed the beads with his hand and pulled them to his face. He slimed them pretty well (as you can see in the picture) and played for quite a while on his own.

He even tried to pass the beads from one hand to another, which wasn’t the most successful endeavor, but it was a valiant effort nonetheless.

Clara: Liked the beads. She is generally more interested in socializing than in toys, but this toy held her interest for longer than most new toys do.

Cormac: Loved the beads. He was immediately enraptured with them and they are still consistently his favorite toy to play with (a few weeks later).

Me: I like the toy very much. The beads are simple, beautiful, lightweight, and made of all natural materials. I like that they aren’t a “visual” toy, like most toys and that they make my children learn with their hands first.
But mostly I love them because my children enjoy them.

Now, here’s how you can win your own set of wooden beads! Topponcino n More is giving one of our readers a natural wooden bead toy!


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PLEASE NOTE: Use this toy under adult supervision only. Beads can come off of string (if untied) and can present a choking hazard to babies.


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