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I have a wild-haired child. Half of her head in full of super adorable ringlets and the other half is not. She has a cow-lick that leaves her bangs parted to fall right in front of her face. There isn’t much about Lily’s crazy hair that I don’t love. Her mane has somewhat become a tiny part of her personality. It is also a bear to manage. It tangles easily and never stays in place. It certainly doesn’t help that Lily HATES getting her hair brushed. We have to bribe her with Netflix in order to get in done most times. The other times we do not even want to battle it out so she stays looking like a ragamuffin. When TotLogic approached us for a review I immediately jumped on the chance.

The Logic Product Group was started by a mom, Jill Taft, after her daughter came home with lice. She wanted something natural and non-chemical based to use on her to get rid of the pesky bugs. Since there really isn’t much out there that works and that is chemical-free she decided to formulate her own. That was the start of LiceLogic. Then bed bugs hit and she created BedbugLogic. BarkLogic followed to treat dogs with fleas and ticks in safer way for both pooch and family. Naturally, TotLogic was then created to help give families a safe way to manage hair without having to actually treat it for creepy crawlers. The ingredients are all natural and safe to use on the entire family. There is also lotions and such in the TotLogic line so it’s not just hair that gets pampered.

I received a bottle of the TotLogic Conditioner and TotLogic Leave-In Conditioning Spray. When the package arrived I could not wait to rip up the package, chase the banshee down, and try it out. The product smells amazing! There is no artificial yummy smelling stuff in there. It smells clean and natural.  My cousin was here visiting and she has super curly hair. She usually uses a leave-in conditioner at home but did not bring it with her. She asked to use the TotLogic and I thought it would be a great way to test out how effective TotLogic would be. It worked really, really well in her hair. She was able to brush it which she probably would have had a hard time doing without it.

Before During


Next up was the test of the Lily Monster. We use the conditioner ever night at bath time and so far it has worked wonders. She even loves the smell of it. After each bath she always walks out to me and asks if I want to smell her hair  Of course, I want to smell it… I seriously cannot talk enough about the yummy aroma. Her hair brushes really smoothly and the fighting (and bribing) has ceased. In the morning we will spray on the Leave-In Conditioner to tame her crazy bedhead. It doesn’t take much spray, just a quick little squirt all over, and sometimes a little extra in the really tangled areas and viola!

My husband was nice enough to create a video of him using TotLogic on Lily just for this review. if you want to see the cuteness that is my daughter watch at your own risk 🙂


I am really glad I was able to use this product. It has really helped us all have a little easier time with routine. Plus now her crazy, wild hair looks so much more adorable! Now you can win your very own bottle of the yummy TotLogic Leave-In Conditioner. Just click below to enter. You can visit their site HERE to shop now!

Totlogic spray

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  1. Jennifer Kauffman -  December 20, 2012 - 3:38 pm

    I’ve gotta try this on my youngest girls. They are mixed race and their hair is a chore to do. I’ve had to chop their hair off to limit the tangles

  2. Jessica -  December 21, 2012 - 9:38 am

    I get bones in my hair too, Lily.

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