We Will Never Be The Same

We have all been there. The snide remarks. Passive comments. Glaring eyes. I am not talking about being in high school. I am talking about being a mother. There seems to be a growing trend of one-upping, catty remarks, & competition among mothers. I don’t know about any of you, but being a mother is a pretty hard job. Instead of support, it’s the opposite.

It’s everywhere. The waiting room at the Dr’s office. The grocery store. Children’s birthday parties. Mom’s are just sizing each other up. “I could never let my 7 month old eat a banana.” “I would never let my baby eat pureed food.” “Breastfeeding is the best!” “Formula is not so bad.” Put a group of mom’s in a room together & it’s the BABIES who play nice together.

I will be the first to admit that I am NOT a perfect mother. Most days I feel like I am barely a good one. Sometimes my kids do not get a bath for 2 days. I have been known to let my son watch construction equipment videos for as long as he wants. Chicken nuggets are sometimes on the menu more than I would like to admit.

I have judged. I am not proud of it. I can admit it. though. I don’t like that I have & from here on out I would like to say that I won’t again. I will try to be more understanding of other mother’s situations & needs for her children.

You will never find 2 mothers that are just alike, no matter how hard to look. Some co-sleep, other’s find their babies sleep better alone. Some moms work, some stay home. Some babies are EBF. Some aren’t. I could go on. We will never all be the same. We are not mothering the same children.

From here on out, lets unite as a supportive mom-community. Let’s help out a mom who is needing our support. Let’s not take pride in thinking that what we do for our own children is good for someone elses.

We love our children the same, but we will never all mother the same.







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