Welcoming Mazzy; My Birth Story.

Not everything always goes as planned, in fact a lot of time in our little family it goes quite the opposite. I think we are pretty tough cookies because of it too. My 1st pregnancy was a bit of a surprise, I mean we wanted children but hadn’t planned on it happening quite so fast. Let’s just say my husband has given me the nickname “Fertile Myrtle.” From the beginning I wanted to have a natural birth.

I didn’t particularly like my OBGYN but with my insurance at the time it wasn’t the easiest thing to switch doctors and unfortunately I was unaware of my options. It never even occurred to me that I could have a home birth, a midwife or anything other than the standard hospital setting. I just wanted something “natural” and I thought I could get that in the hospital by opting out of being medicated.

My pregnancy with Mazzy was completely calm and I had zero symptoms except a bigger appetite. Until my 20 week ultrasound that is. About a week or two after my appointment, we got a call from the doctor saying we need to come in to discuss something they had found on the ultrasound. Needless to say we are freaked out before we even get to the doctor. She sat us down and said the technician found a “marker” on the ultrasound. She said it was a calcium deposit on our baby’s heart and that is could possibly be and indicator of Down’s Syndrome. Of course, I started crying and her demeanor made it all the worse. She was unsympathetic and said that is all she can tell us and sent us to a specialist.

So off to a genetic counselor we went. We answered a bunch of questions about our family history (no down syndrome or any genetic disorders on either side) and waited around forever. Finally the doctor said, “Look, I don’t know why your doctor even sent you here, the chances of your baby having Down Syndrome are no more than anyone else your age.” I was 24 at the time. Basically our doctor jumped the gun and what she should have told us what that the “marker” is sometimes present on ultrasounds for babies who have Down Syndrome but you also need quite a few other markers for Down Syndrome to be likely. We did our own research and came to the conclusion that a calcium deposit is a fairly normal occurrence and usually goes away by the time the baby is born.

They said our only surefire way to know was an amnio but I was not going to risk the danger to my baby. Also by that time I was having a baby in 10 weeks!! I don’t know what they thought finding out would do. I was going to love her no matter what. I was a mess from about 20-30 weeks and even though I knew they were wrong, they also put a doubt in my mind and I kept thinking, what if she isn’t 100% healthy?

Once I reached the 10 week countdown I decided to put all fears aside and just focus on the remainder of my pregnancy. I spent my time crafting and preparing for our new baby!

At around 34 weeks we went in for a 3D ultrasound. We saw her squishy lips and perfect little hands. Then another curveball. The technician said, “You know your baby is breech?” We looked at each other like “No! We did not know that!!” So back to our OBGYN to let her know what she should have told us. She gave me the option of trying a manual version (ECV) I read up on it and it wasn’t something I wanted to try. I did “try” some headstands, kind of hilarious seeing a 36 week pregnant chick attempting to stand on her head. Yeah it wasn’t really happening. We did some circular massages on my belly trying to urge her to turn and just about every other thing that seemed safe. No such luck.

I should have known from the beginning that she is one stubborn gal (she still is!) So my natural birth was out the window my doctor said we would schedule a c-section for 1 week before my due date. It wasn’t ideal, and my pregnancy was bumpy with all the misinformation and headaches caused by our doctor. But I was looking forward to meeting our little lady!

At 39 weeks my husband and I walked from our little beach town apartment, hand in hand to the hospital. It was surreal and he kept saying, “We are going to meet her today!!” We got to the hospital, I was prepped and lay on the operating table shaking, with both fear and anticipation. It all happened very quickly and before I knew it the doctor held her above the sheet so I could see her and she let out a huge cry. My husband kept telling me she is beautiful and perfect. I knew in my heart we had nothing to worry about but my fears did not go away until I saw and heard how healthy she was. It was the best feeling in the world.

Sometimes you can’t prepare for what life throws your way, you can only adapt and make the best. I didn’t want a c-section but in the end all that mattered was meeting my healthy beautiful baby girl!

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  1. Jessica Baum -  January 11, 2012 - 5:43 pm

    Thank you for this. Too often I read birth stories here and on other sites that make home / unassisted births out to be so much better / safer than hospital births and I feel like it cheapens my wonderful birth of my baby boy. I had an amazing birth with Rowan and would not have wanted it any other way. Even though it was a medicated hospital birth. 🙂

    • Shannon -  January 15, 2012 - 11:31 am

      I agree, every birth is different and you can’t predict the way it will turn out, all that really matters in the end is meeting your brand new baby!

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