A Little Bit About Us…

The Mommy Dialogues  is a writing collective based in the United States that features naturally minded mother’s from acrros the country. The blog is currently made up of seven staff writers, with guest contributors featured on Mondays. The goal of The Mommy Dialogues is to connect parents from around the country by sharing our trials, tribulations and forthcoming stories of parenthood without filters.
Some of us are a little crunchy, and others prefer to take a more mainstream approach to parenting our brood of seventeen children. Each of us is based in a different geographical location, but parenthood has united us. We have plenty of differences including religion, politics and parenting practices. We are Jews, Atheists, Christians, Buddhists, Pastafarians and Fill In The Blanks. We are from red states and blues states. Sometimes we can be a little salty, but somehow we all come together and make it work.
We are passionate about being mothers and while not all of us get to stay at home with our kids, the love we share for being mommy is unrivaled.  Each of us is at a different stage in parenting with pre-teens,  newborns and toddlers running amok.
Some of us cloth diaper, others use elimination communication. We make our own baby food or use baby led weaning. We babywear, toddlerwear and have all made a mistake or two in this crazy journey that is parenthood. Our births have ranged from emergency c-sections to home water births, we have battled are share of post-partum depression while others have ate their placentas. We breastfeed, co-sleep, and have all tried to night-wean once or twice. While we focus on the more natural side of parenting, we aim not to judge, and strive to share our uncensored perspective of  motherhood.
Thank you for visiting The Mommy Dialogues™.