10/10/10=42 in binary!

I was on a time table….or at least a self-induced time table.  My midwife was leaving to sit the NARM on the 13th and I knew if i went into labor while she was gone that I would get our backup.  I loved our backup….but she wasnt.my.midwife.  I was starting to panic as the days ticked by and I was still pregnant.  My doula, Jean who is a licensed massage therapist and who had induced my labor with Seven with acupressure after my water broke and there was Mec…came the weekend of the 10th to try to get something going so Kim could be there.  We sat and watched TV Saturday night while Jean used the pressure point on my feet to try to get things going.  I was feeling some contractions, but I’d been feeling contractions for weeks now so I didn’t really think anything of it.  We all said goodnight and went to bed with promises of french toast in the morning.

I woke up around 5:30 needing to pee and went to the bathroom…when I got up and looked down i saw a huge blood clot and blood and sorta freaked out.  After i emptied my bladder is when the contractions started picking up.  I called my midwife and our backup, the photographer and our other friends who would be there and ran downstairs to wake Jean and my husband and waited for someone medical to get there and tell me WTF was going on.  LaNette and her assistant arrived first and declared that the blood and clot was nothing to worry about, and that I had rapid cervical dilation.  With my history of precipitous labor (labor less then 3 hours) this made sense. they checked heartones and did my vitals I felt better.  Active labor really started around 7 AM or so.  This was my toughest labor.  It literally felt like my pelvis was going to rip open.  I was in SO MUCH pain.  I needed the water.

They had already set up and started filling the tub but I needed something now so I hopped into the shower.  My childhood best friend Corinne sat in the bathroom with me while I was in the shower which wasnt cutting it.  I told her I needed to get into the tub and to see if it was ready.  It was and I walked out of the bathroom cursing my husband and practically dove into the tub.  It felt so good to be in the water.  My contractions were immediately easier to deal with, but still super painful.  I knew transition was coming and I was so not looking forward to it.  Transition hit me like a wall.  A literal wall that I was going to need to scale in order to keep going.  I yelled at my midwife “Kim you need to go to fucking school to be a nurse anesthetist so you can give me an epidural at home”…I yelled at the other midwife “Why the fuck dont we carry nitrous like the god damn Canadian midwives….this is BULLSHIT!!!!!!”.  I know they are laughing at me at this point (hate you all!!!! and i have pictures to prove it) and Kim turns to LaNette and says “She’s going to be pushy in 2 contractions”…and hot damn was she right.

The urge to push came with a fury, but I just couldnt get on top of it.  I finally got on all 4’s to push which was the only way I could.  Kim was guarding my perineum as Dex was crowning and for the first time during the birth of any of my kids I screamed.  It was the most painful experience of my life.  My placenta detached immediately so there was lots of blood in the water or we would have been able to witness Dexter being born with a full veil or what is also called being born in caul.  For some strange reason after I give birth I have a full blown asthma attack so we had the nebulizer ready and waiting and I did a few treamtments which cleared that up.  Dexter was pretty gunky so they had to mess with him a bunch.  They dont normally suction babies at all (even with the bulb syringe) but they ended up having to use a delee (thin tiny tube that goes down into the lungs) to suction him out.  Poor guy was traumatized and didnt really eat for over 24 hours.  Which thankfully since I was at home didnt cause a panic like it would have if I had been in the hospital.

Nothing compares to a homebirth…at least not for me.


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  1. Jessica -  January 1, 2012 - 5:23 pm

    Gorgeous story, gorgeous video. Perfect. You make me want to have more babies!

  2. Whitney Bofferding -  January 2, 2012 - 9:33 pm

    Perfect. I would LOVE to have a home birth. I was induced with my first due to growth restriction & a two vessel cord. I was able to give birth “naturally” aside from the Pit. 🙁 I have a bicornuate uterus which I hear usually end in c-section. Thankfully I’m hard headed and do what I want! I would love to find out if a home birth would be possible. This just sounds so amazing.

    • Alyssa -  January 3, 2012 - 9:05 pm

      Homebirth is definitely possible with a bicorniate uterus.

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