A group post: “I would NEVER do that”

Kelli and Risa talk about the things they NEVER would do as a parent, and guess what? They did it. Yup, they said they would never co-sleep, and they did it. Check out what all the TMD writers would never do, and yup, we did it.


I will never let my kids throw food on the floor of a restaurant.

Now, I know this one sounds pretty stupid to any sane parent, because how do you completely stop a toddler from throwing some (or more likely, all) of their food on the floor? But you know what, I was just that friend. When we went out to eat with the first of our first friends to have a baby, I was appalled when their then 1-year-old baby would throw/drop food on the floor of restaurants. Mind you, these friends were great about picking up after said baby, so I’m not sure what my problem was. Now, I myself have four food-droppers who make sure the floor under our tables at restaurants always looks like a garbage disposal barfed all over the place. (Don’t worry, I am very quick and adept at cleaning it up.) Needless to say, whomever waits on us always gets a phenomenal tip.

I will never use cloth diapers.

With the twins, I was so grossed out by cloth diapers. I didn’t know anyone who used them, and I thought they were outdated and a waste of time. Now, I’ve cloth diapered one and a half babies and it’s one of my favorite chores to undertake. I love buying new fluff, washing our cloth diapers is my favorite chore, and I don’t even mind rinsing them out.

I will never let my kids watch tv.

Baby Einstein and Yo Gabba Gabba have gotten me through more rough days than I want to remember. This is one I still wish I could retract, but it is what it is. When you have four sick kids and you are sick yourself, you should be glad that YGG is the worst thing to which you’ve had to resort!

I will never let my kids have sugar.

I’m very conservative with sugar at our house, usually opting to sweeten things with honey, xylitol or maple syrup, but I have decided to not stress over their occasional consumption of candy. As long as it is enjoyed in moderation, I’ve let up on this issue and it is still funny, considering how certain I was that my kids would never touch the stuff.

Ok, last one. I will never send my kids to public school.

While this is mostly a topic for a completely separate blog post, I was always 100% certain that my children would never darken the doors of a public school. Having been a private school educated kid myself, I was adamant that my children would be as well. My husband and I had many, many arguments about this very topic, beginning when I was pregnant with the twins. However, when it came down to it, we chose public school for our kids and I am so happy with our decision. While it may not be the right one for all children or all families, it has so far worked perfectly for us and I am thankful for that.


Cosleep- I never ever ever wanted to co-sleep. I was personally anti-co-sleeping… Than Harper was born. I wrote a whole post on my accidental co-sleeper here.

Bribery- I never thought bribing my kids to behave or do something I wanted them to do would ever happen. It has. I don’t do it all the time but I have used it in emergency situations (epic tantrums in the store for instance). We also were also got Lily to poop on the potty by “rewarding” her with lilypops (dumdums)

Clean my kids face with my saliva- It used to gross me the efffff out when my mom would lick her thumb and proceed to wipe something off my face. I swore I would never torture my kiss that way. Sometimes a good ole spit shine goes a long way… it’s handy and Eco friendly 😉




1. Let him watch television.

2. Have an epidural.

3. Introduce solids before six months.


1. Give them processed food

2. Spank

3. Put them in public school


1. Feed them food before 6 months.

2. Turn the TV on specifically so they can watch it.

3. Let them cry. (sort of impossible to avoid with 2)


1. Watch tv that wasn’t educational

2. Formula feed

3. Send them to a sitter


1. Never co-sleep

2. Never share a room with my baby past 3 months

3. Never let him watch TV (he watches Sesame Street)

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Xza Louise Higgins is the founder of MommyCon, creator of The Mommy Dialogues, and punk rock mom to two year old Atticus in the great city of Chicago, IL. She is incredibly passionate about birth options, human rights, and promoting gentle parenting practices.

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  1. Chasity Boatman -  May 8, 2012 - 10:57 am

    I think this sort of sends the wrong message. There are plenty of parents who say they will never do something and stick to that. My parents never left me at home with a babysitter like they said they would. They never punished me without explaining why (“because i said so wasn’t an answer in my house). We also had dinner as a family every night. There was nothing that my parents said they wouldn’t do that they did.
    Several of my friends and other family members have done the same. I think it makes sense for mothers to change their opinion if they are better educated about a subject. However, I would say that parents should stick with their original ideas as long as they are well-educated.

    • Jessica Murphy -  May 8, 2012 - 1:57 pm

      I totally see where you’re coming from with sticking to your ideals. I think there are plenty of things that we will all never do, but we all change and learn with this experience. I never wanted to cosleep and I was terrified that I’d squish my baby but after I fell asleep nursing Clara the first time I decided that it was time to research safe cosleeping.
      I don’t plan on ever taking my kids to daycare. I don’t plan on formula feeding, but I have learned that never is a long time and things change.

  2. Charlee -  May 8, 2012 - 3:14 pm

    I am a no paci mom BUT my daughter is a paci wanting (sort of) baby. She likes to have one when she goes to bed for the night. She had a bottle of breastmilk right before bed so when she’s fussy and I try to nurse her she gets even more mad because she’s full. She just wants to suck so we have a paci (for emergencies in a car or at a restaraunt) but she spits It out. So I’ll take the compromise and have one to sooth her at night

  3. Heidi Prucker -  May 8, 2012 - 3:28 pm

    I swore I would never give my baby formula, but at 6months she was extremely underweight becasue only one of my breast were still producing. it saddens me that I couldn’t feed her anymore but formula was the right decision for me. I also swore that I would never have a toddler who walks around with a pacifier… And I was successful! As soon as she started teething the pacifier disappeared. So I respect other mothers decisions to change their mind, isn’t that stereo typical of a woman anyway? (;

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