A Guide to Pronouncing Parenting Product Companies!


I first became a mother in early 2007. From the first moments of being pregnant until now, I have been swamped with thousands of choices to make amongst baby products. From car seats to bottles and spoons, to special baby food blenders, baby bathtubs with whirlpool jets and fancy diaper pails. I have spent the last 6 years deciding which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t, which ones I needed, wanted, and which ones I could do without. As the years have gone by, I have become much more familiar with products that are out there to make life as a mama easier or life as a baby more healthy and comfortable. Now, as a blogger and a full-time mama, working alongside moms like Squishy and going to seminars featuring The Baby Guy, I would like to sprinkle you with some important knowledge that has been passed down to me.

The pronounciation of baby product company names.

Okay, I know that sounds stupid and maybe also like a no-brainer, but there is nothing worse than telling a new mom about how cool a car seat or stroller is and totally saying it wrong. It has happened to me way too many times and I have felt like a complete moron.  It actually just happened to me a few weeks ago when talking about SSC’s with a friend who owns a natural parenting store (if you’re near the Denver area, check out Birth Rocks!)  in my town. We were chatting about all of the new baby wearing options she will be carrying in the store this year and I totally bombed the pronunciation of Beco Baby Carriers. Facepalm!
I would like to try and spare you the same embarrassment.

As you are getting to know me here at The Mommy Dialogues, it has probably come to your attention how much I loooove lists. I am a chronic list-maker. To support that claim, here is my list of parenting product companies that have names that can easily be messed up and the right way to say them!

Carseats & Strollers:

Britax (Bry-tacks)

Chicco (Key-Coe)

(How silly did I sound talking about Allister’s Brih-tax Marathon
and Penelope’s Chee-ko Nextfit?)

Diono (Dee-oh-no)

Graco (Grey-Coe)

Safety First (Just Kidding.)

Combi (Cohm-bee)

Maxi Cosi (Mack-see Cos-eye)

Peg Perego (Peg Pey-reh-go)



Tula (Too-luh)

Boba (Bow-buh)

(Okay, so I haven’t personally gotten Boba wrong but
I have overheard someone saying “Bob-uh”…)

Mei Tai (May-Tie)
(As opposed to the delicious tropical beverage.)

Didymos (did-ee-moss)


Kokadi (co-kah-dee)

Girasol – (Gear-uh-saul)

Oscha (oh-sha)

Baby Bjorn – (Be-yourn)

Miscellaneous Products:

Aden & Anais (Ay-den and Uh-nay)


Stokke – (Stow-Kuh)

Medela – (Mi-deal-uh)

Ubbi (Ooh-bee)

Pediped (Pee-Dee-Ped)

(Guilty of saying ped-ee-ped.)

So there you have it! If there are any names I left off of this list you are wondering about, comment below and I will figure it out for you if I don’t know already.
Happy product shopping and sharing!





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  1. Tiffany -  April 30, 2013 - 6:46 pm

    Thank you! I’m bookmarking this for my next visit to the baby store so I don’t sound like an idiot!!

  2. Christina -  April 30, 2013 - 8:33 pm

    Apparently I was saying half of these incorrectly… Thanks for the guide!

  3. Ashley -  April 30, 2013 - 8:43 pm

    One more I totally didn’t know how to pronounce but learned straight from the lady that is the distributor in America-Storchenwiege- Storch-en-vee-g (like the g in gum)-ee

  4. Emily N -  May 2, 2013 - 7:31 pm

    I totally have a Vatanai Igloolik and don’t know how to pronounce it! I assume it’s vat-an-eye ig-loo-lick but I’ve been avoiding saying it! Help!

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