Misty Roussa

I am mama to Jax, 3 & Elliot, 7 months. I am married & we live outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I work full time as a Paralegal. While pregnant with Jax, I became interested in babywearing & co-sleeping as a way of bonding for him & I. I still do both & love it. It feels very natural to me.

We practice baby led weaning in our home as a way of introducing a variety of solids to Elliot. While it made me cringe at first to see her eat a waffle at 6 months old, it has been wonderful for her. Not only does it cost nothing because we aren’t buying jarred food, her chewing abilities & pincher grab have excelled. Now we all eat as a family every night.

Our oldest was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as a newborn & that has caused a good amount of financial strain on us due to medical bills. We use coupons, menu planning, & family budgeting as ways of staying on track.
I became interested in different parenting styles when I became pregnant with Jax. After a ton of reading & research, I found that I do not fit the mold of just one style. I mother by instinct & what feels right. We are a tv-restrictive household. I monitor tv time daily. We do not buy many battery-powered toys, choosing toys that are fueled by imagination instead.

As far as what I do for enjoyment, I love to cook. Cooking Sunday dinner is something I look forward to every week. I love to read, as well. I also enjoy photography, watching LSU football, crafting, & exploring our city with my family.

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