Risa Schmucker De Groff

My hubby Logan, Eliott "Lily", Riley and Me! (Harper cozy inside my belly)

Hi name is Risa Ann Schmucker De Groff… yes it is quite the mouth full. I am married to my very own tech support extraordinaire and ginger, Logan De Groff.

He finally made an honest woman outta me!

We were married Vegas style in September 2011 after a year long engagement. We live in a little suburb right outside of Phoenix, Arizona called Gilbert.

Lily, Riley and Harper

We have an Eliott, who will be three in March (we call her Lily so I usually refer to her as such) and a Harper, who was born on December 7, 2011. There is also a Riley, who is 8, from my first marriage. That is total of three completely different and amazing little ladies. Together we live in mass chaos and bliss as a fully functioning and learning family of 5. I did get my tubes tied but maybe in a year or so we will adopt a little boy to bring some balance in the house (the two male dogs still leave my poor hubby out numbered).

I get the pleasure of turning the big 3-0 in February and am very proud of who I have evolved into over the last 3 decades. I practice Kabbalah (wouldn’t categorize myself as Jewish though), believe in reincarnation, support LGBT rights, have pretty liberal views and try to live everyday with an open mind. I run a candy buffet business that specializes in creating fun candy presentations to use as favors for parties and weddings. It is a new venture and hopefully I will be able to start focusing a little more on that once the baby gets a little older.

After 10 long and brutal years of working in retail management we finally took the giant leap into a one income family. Luckily with doing that I have gained not only time but the focus to learn some new budgeting skills and creativity. I have also decided that our family would really start focusing on sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle. I even made my husband get a Pruis (he was hesitant at first but now he LOVES it!). I dream about one day installing solar panels and maybe having some chickens but for now we make the little adjustments here and there that will help the environment in a big way. I am completely obsessed with crafting and home decor but refuse to spend more than necessary so that involves tons of DIY, thrifting and garage sales. I truly believe some else’s trash can quickly be turned into my treasure… it just may take some elbow grease from my handy hubby. I am constantly doing something to my house and I am not afraid to admit that most decisions are based on price and environmental factors. Heck, we have stained concrete floors because A. they are AWESOME! and B. they are incredibly eco-friendly.

As far as parenting views, I have learned that with three daughters that it is important to me that my girls are independent and strong. I am an “experience” mother and truly believe they will learn the most from their own actions and reactions. I breastfed my older girls but sadly after returning to work from maternity leave they became formula feed babies. Harper will be exclusively breastfed (nature willing, of course) and I will make my own baby food. This time around I decided that cloth diapering is something that is REALLY important for me to do. This is a new thing for me so I look forward to sharing my journey with other mommies who already do it and are learning right along with me. My babies are all born via cesarean sections so as soon as I can I will be wearing Miss Harper around to chase Lily and Riley around more easily.

My family is my number one priority and all of my friends are considered to be apart of my family. I look forward to welcoming all of you into my family!

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