Things have been SO busy around here! The last few weeks have been consumed with preparation for the Babywearing World Record ( and MommyCon LA – an event that you are NOT going to want to miss! This week, however, the lovely Xza, her punk rock hubby Kevin & handsome mister Atticus came into my home state for a visit to tour the area for MommyCon 2014! It was super fun to get away from the computer and get out into some fresh air for a few days.

On top of meeting with some fun mompreneurs and checking out venue spaces, we explored 16th street mall, which is a must-visit if you want to see urban Denver. We ate in a cute restaurant called Osteria Marco in Larimer Square (if you ever visit, check out the bathroom wallpaper) that was really yummy. I couldn’t tell you the names of everything we ate, but I do know is that I could have eaten more of all of it. We also visited historic Golden and took a little detour up to the top of Lookout Mountain where Buffalo Bill was laid to rest.  Xza & I then took a trip up to Winter Park to check out the lush mountain scenery and the fun summer activities at the resort. We stayed over at my parents house, ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then spent some more time in Denver.

The trip was way too short, and Allister was really sad about “My Big Friend Xza and Atticus far away, oh no”, but we are heading in some exciting directions for MommyCon2014! Denver moms, do we have some surprises in store for you! You might find some sneak peaks if you do some snooping around on IG. You can also follow our feed, @mommycon!

Here are some photos of the past few days:

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photo 3(4)

Wish you guys could have been there! Can’t wait to see all of you Colorado mamas (as well as Wyoming, Kansas, Utah, New Mexico mamas!)


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