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I’m Alyssa Ruben also known as The Squished Hippie (stay tuned for why “The Squished Hippie”). I’m a moderately sane adopted mother of 4 (as sane as one can be with 4 kids), and a birth mom to one more and wife to a programmer. I live in a little itty bitty town in WI, it’s like Cheers “Where everyone knows your name”. My former bad boy, turned massive dork husband (he was just a closet dork before) is a software Developer. More specifically he’s a Senior Systems Architect. I don’t really know what that means…but it’s apparently impressive and he’s also an Eagle Scout. We met in high school at a football game when I was a Freshmen and he was a Junior. We dated for a week until my friends convinced me to dump him. I was the good girl with the silver spoon in her mouth and he was the bad boy. It never would have worked then anyways…but life and fate have a funny way of working out.

We got married young…I was 19 and he was 20. Statistically the fact that we are still together, happy and married for 10 years is amazing. No one thought we would make it past 6 months, but here we are….4 kids and 10 years later and still going strong. We have brought 4 amazing kids into this world together. Landen our 8 year is quite and reserved, but smart as a whip. He excels at school and is ranked 30th in the entire county (which is 40 schools) for math. Gage our 6 year old is a total social butterfly. Smart as can be and is amazing at puzzles and memorization…when you can actually get him to stop talking and pay attention. He’s a ladies man, and all the girls at school love Gagey. Seven, our only girl is 3.5….no, we did not name her because of George on Seinfeld. It is a much dorkier reason then that. It’s from Star Trek =)….she’s, well…..she’s….3. People who tell you terrible 2’s are the worst, have not had a 3 year old girl. She’s cute as can be, and can be very loving and sweet at times and i love my precious princess without question…but there are times when she tries to swallow my soul. Dexter is our youngest, with a birthday of 10/10/10 how can you go wrong? The best thing about that birthday (other then just how simply awesome it is) is that 10/10/10 in binary is 42. Now if your a true dork you’ll understand why that is the coolest thing ever, since it’s the answer to the ultimate question about life the universe and everything. He’s a great baby, very much like Landen…laid back and quite. More kids? Me? Yes…Husband? No. Outcome? We’ll see.

My passions (other then my home,kids and husband) are birth, babywearing, cooking and cloth diapering. My father, who was a professional chef once upon a time…has taught me to cook all my life. He was an excellent teacher, if I do say so myself. Babywearing came to me out of necessity. I needed to do things AND hold my baby at the same time. Impossible dilemma? Not with babywearing! It’s become a passion of mine since I learned about it oh those so many years ago. I have my own youtube channel filled with babywearing howto videos of all kinds (…YAY for babywearing!

Birth is something deep and personal to me. As someone who has the privilege to be present at the welcoming of so many new lives into this world…I am constantly astounded at the disrespect the US maternity system has for birthing families. I personally had 3 very traumatic highly managed births…the last leaving me with PTSD. My daughter (my birth life saver) was born at home…into my hands…surrounded by love and supported by the most amazing midwife, who has taught me what it is to be a birth warrior not only for myself…but for all women. Birth is sacred…and should be respected and honored for the amazing natural miracle that it is. Pregnant women are not sick, and birth is not an emergency.

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  1. Madison -  December 29, 2012 - 8:29 pm

    When you made the video of shave the boys there was a song in the back ground that I couldnt figure out what it is but i really liked it i tried so hard to find it and i couldnt.If you remember the song or look back on the video can yoh comment back to me. thanks

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