Another Day Late, Another Year Older

Of COURSE I was supposed to post yesterday. Life has just gotten so insane. I swore it was today, and I looked down at the date and went, “Well, Nope.” to myself, after I had already started writing, because of course it isn’t the 11th. It’s the 12th! I should know this because baby girl is 11 months old today! It’s unbelievable to me that Penelope was born during this blog and will be turning one during this blog. We have a super cute family party planned for her, I can’t wait to share photos.


Speaking of, I have noticed some things about 11 month olds.

11 month olds smile giant cheesy, toothy smiles.

11 month olds toddle across the kitchen floor in a style reminiscent of a teeter-totter and fall down out of nowhere.

11 month olds take giant dumps in their pants and giggle at you when you have to change them. Nanner Nanner Boo Boo.

11 months olds deliberately say “dada” when you beg them to say “mama”.

11 month olds love to grin for a camera flash, any camera flash.

11 month olds HATE shoes.

11 month olds think peek-a-boo is the funniest thing since Bob Saget.

11 month olds like to nurse upside down and standing up and sideways while playing with a toy and kicking you in the chin.

11 month olds like to climb ALL the stairs and scare Mama while they slide on their tummy safely back down.

11 month olds like to pause for months deciding what word they would like to say, and then choose the ever profound, “duck” for their first uttering.

11 month olds are hungry but still throw food on the floor because you have to pick it up and give them new food.

11 month olds cry giant crocodile tears when their feelings are easily hurt.

11 month olds dive headfirst into the bath the second it starts running with all of their clothes on before you have a chance to grab them.

11 month olds still sleep like newborn babies with perfect tiny rosebud lips, spontaneous smiles and half open creepy zombie eyes.

11 months olds are held by mama but clap and practically dive at dada when he walks in the door but cry because they still only want mama.

11 month olds climb on every piece of furniture you could think to climb on in what you assume is a every-ten-minute suicide attempt.

11 month olds dance by wiggling just a LITTLE bit really fast.

11 month olds dance like it’s 1999 when big sister sings Let It Go for the forty gillionth time.

11 month olds get really mad when they aren’t allowed to hug the doggy or the poisonous komodo dragon at the zoo.

11 month olds also get really mad when daddy won’t share his beer.

11 month olds are great at wiping the snot rocket they just sneezed out all across the front of your clean shirt.

11 month olds can’t figure out how to use a straw but they try so hard.

11 month olds like to eat crayons more than anything else.

11 month olds love their older sister SO much and light up like it’s Christmas the second she walks in from school.

11 month olds still hate their car seat for .2 seconds while being buckled but now sleep the entirety of every car ride, prompting mom to want to drive a lot.

11 months olds love to take every pot and every pan out from under the cupboards. And then sit inside said cupboard.

11 month olds love to put clothes on their head, mom doesn’t get it.

11 month olds fall asleep standing up.

11 month olds cry because they want mama to hold them and cry because they want down and cry because they want mama to hold them.

11 month olds stop crying when they see you’re holding THEIR ring sling.

11 month olds want it if it’s hot, sharp, electric, toxic, poisonous or really high. It doesn’t matter.

11 month olds think that outlets are God’s Gift to babies.

11 month olds want to eat all the packing peanuts.


11 month olds want you to hold them and nurse them RIGHT NOW while you’re peeing.

11 month olds want your iphone  to delete ALL the apps.

11 month olds must be prevented from climbing on the pedestal under your counter height kitchen table by a layer of baby barrier (plastic wrap).

11 month olds want to help with laundry SO BAD but cannot reach and so they cry.

11 month olds also want to stand on the dishwasher when you are trying to wash dishes because they CAN.

11 month olds keep sticking their finger in the cat door flap even though it always gets stuck and it always hurts and you don’t even have a cat.

11 month olds only have one month left of being a baby and it’s the saddest thing in the whole world.

We are so going to enjoy this last month of babyhood with Penny Pie. I’m going to take a lot of pictures and spend a lot of time cuddling and staring and touching her baby soft hair and whispering all of my hopes and dreams for her into her ear as she sleeps.┬áBeing a mom is such a blessing, one I take for granted all too often. Life gets busy, but I need to remind myself to slow down and enjoy it more. Penny is most likely our last baby, and if so, that means this is my last month EVER of having my own baby in my arms.
If that doesn’t depress me today, nothing will! *Cue tears*.

Love, Laney

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