Baby Jack Blankets {Review & Giveaway!}


Hi TMD readers! It has been a while since I have gotten to share a review & a giveaway, and I have really been looking forward to this one! Stay tuned until you get to the bottom of this post where you can enter to win your very own Baby Jack Blanket!

Baby Jack Blankets is a company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They make darling ribbon tag blankets that are perfect to snuggle with. They are full of color, texture, and can even be customized for your little one with their name. They made this beautiful purple blanket for Penelope to test out. It is lovingly embroidered with her nickname, Penny Pie, in purple, on a lighter purple textured minky fabric on one side; the other side is luscious and silky with a modern pattern in coordinating colors.

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One of my favorite features of this blanket is the attached ring through one of the ribbons. We travel frequently for MommyCon and since I wear Penny practically everywhere we go, I use this ring to quickly attach to the loop on our diaper bag backpack for easy access. I also like to use the loop to attach to our baby carrier so she can play with the tags while we are on the go. It is also perfect for attaching another toy, or linking it to a stroller so it doesn’t fall to the ground and get dirty.

I can imagine that many of you mommies can understand – Penny is like a baby bloodhound when it comes to finding the tag on a blanket, a pillow, an item of clothing, a stuffed toy. So many babies love them – probably more so than the actual item the tag is attached to. She is 6 months old now and is constantly exploring with her fingers. The Baby Jack Blanket is surrounded with tags. Each one is individually sewn shut around the edges so little fingers do not get stuck, which is a unique feature to this brand of tag blanket.

Penny’s lovey (lovey is the cute nickname Baby Jack uses for their tag blankets – we have excitedly adopted the term as it is so adorable!) is also a really nice size. It’s 14 inches by 18 inches, and although not large enough to use as a blanket for warmth, it’s an ideal size to snuggle with and also to take along everywhere. They also have toddler size blankets. Below you can see 6 month old Penny (who is very mid-range in size) for size comparison.

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In examining the lovey closely, it is very obvious that the stitching is not machine-perfect. It’s a little crooked here and there but is a characteristic of the fact that Baby Jack Blankets hires real moms to sew each one – for the benefit of added income as well as a creative outlet! I love this about them. The price point for a 14×18 lovey starts around $28, which I think is fabulous for something handmade of this quality. You can order your own blanket at – they also have blankets available at several retailers, you can find them listed on their website!
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You can see above how the stitching closes each ribbon completely. Below is a comparison of the open-sided tags from another popular company (orange) and the Baby Jack ribbon tabs that are much larger and easier for a grasping baby to handle.

photo 5 (1)
Overall, this is a very sweet product. Penny Pie loves hers!

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Now, babies and gents, would you like to win your very own blanket? The winner gets to choose any fabric on the Baby Jack website for a 14×18 lovey WITH custom embroidery! Enter below! (*Open to US residents only.)

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*I received a blanket for Penny to review, however my opinion is truly my own and I genuinely like this product and I think you will too.




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