Baby Update – PennyPie

In 10 days, Penelope is going to be 3 months old. I can’t even believe it! She has grown so quickly. I haven’t had her weighed in a few weeks, but last time she was 13 pounds. She feels closer to 14 now. Allister barely weighed 14 pounds at 7 months, so Penny feels like one solid little baby. It reminds me so much of Zoelie-girl. I wonder if Penny will be tall!


She is wearing 3-6 month clothes but her feet are still really teeny tiny. Sometimes I wonder what could be better than adorable little baby feet!  She has rolls all over her legs, and she is just getting chubbier. I think we are up to 3 chins. Her eyes are getting bluer and her hair is a little darker. No bald spot yet!  No signs of teeth yet either, but her fists are constantly in her mouth when she isn’t nursing or sleeping. She still wants nothing to do with a pacifier, like both of her big sisters.


Lying on her tummy, she pushes her shoulders up off of the ground now. She hasn’t started grabbing for toys just yet, but the wonder in her eyes when she looks at something new is just incredible. She has also started to roll a little bit with some help. Watching a baby learn new things and absorb the world around them honestly never gets old. I could have 15 babies and it would still completely mesmerize me. (Although I won’t!)

She has finally gotten used to her car seat. She rides in a Chicco Nextfit, and initially she was NOT pumped about being strapped in a seat. Now I put her in and she smiles at me! Speaking of smiling, this girl a big cheeser. She has dimples like Allister does, and she isn’t afraid to use them on mommy & daddy.  She mimicks our faces at her, so if I open my mouth really wide, she will do it back to me. And then a big grin! She giggles at herself when she sees her reflection, and she stares at her big sister Alli with great wonder. Every day I notice more about her that she got from her daddy. She is a mini-Colin!52027a54dc6c11e29fda22000a1f8ae8_7

She sleeps a little lighter than I remember Zoelie and Alli sleeping, but if she is in a carrier, she will sleep for hours. She only wakes up 2 times each night and consider myself very lucky for that after having an all-night-nurser.

Bath time is her favorite thing! The few times she has been really fussy, putting her in the tubby immediately washed away her stress and the dimples and grins came right back out.

Her biggest sister is on vacation with her grandparents, so right now it’s just the big sister and Penny. Big sister Alli is battling some jealousy, which we are trying hard to balance. Penny will need a diaper and so I will say, “Penny, let’s get you a clean diaper!” and right away Alli will say, “NO, MY clean diaper.” This rule is with everything. Zoelie didn’t go through this, so I am really learning as I go with the best way to handle it without making either child feel left out or second rate.


I’m trying to watch her closely and notice bits and pieces of her personality. She is amused easily, is pretty go with the flow. She loves motion and movement and I see a lot of early motor skill development happening, like Alli had. I see expressions in her face that remind me of Zo, but Penny has something very unique about her. She is going to be all her own person, a complete individual. Life with a third is lovely. I never thought I would have this many children, but I am so blessed beyond measure and I wouldn’t change a thing. Each day I beg God to slow Penny down, (and Alli and Zoelie too…) she is already growing so fast and I want to enjoy every second. I am so happy.




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  1. Xza -  July 4, 2013 - 9:30 am

    Say it ain’t so! She was just a wee little nugget when I saw her!

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