Baby Names! {Group Post!}


It’s been a while since we have featured a group post here at TMD,
so we thought we would get the party started with a fun topic!


There was nothing really special about how we chose Brody’s name. I thought I was having a girl so I had a girl name picked out (Harper Lee) but didn’t really give much thought to a boy name. I think we had Brody, Dexter, Landon, and Carter for the top names. I needed something super cool and not overly popular. My husband really liked Landon and Carter while I liked Brody and Dexter. Of course, I won. Hahaha. I hadn’t heard the name Brody until I moved into my dorm in college, which was called Brody Complex. Also I loved watching The Hills and Brody Jenner was often in the episodes. Overall I was just glad that I hadn’t heard the name a lot even though it was number 70 something on the top 100 chart in 2010.  His middle name is David, after Erik’s dad & my dad. Erik’s dad passed shortly before Brody was born, so it was perfect to honor both dads. Brody looks just like a Brody. We have plenty of nicknames for him like Bro, Bro-Man, Brodles, and Brodster. It was important for me that whatever name we chose could have a nickname. We find out next week the sex of new baby and if it is a boy we will be naming him Dexter since we didn’t use it for our first.

DEE_1583 copy


Isabella was a surprise baby. Well, sort of…life was pretty rough and I prayed for something to come to help change our lives. I found out I was pregnant soon after. I was around 6 months pregnant and sitting on the couch. I’d been pouring over a name book for weeks. We tried writing out separate lists and comparing but nothing seemed to really fit. All of a sudden Justin blurted out, “Isabella”. I looked at him, but didn’t say anything. He looked at me and said, “Isabella Rose”. I cried. We knew that was the name and we didn’t even know for sure we were having a girl. We never did come up with a boys name.

With our second child, it was a bit easier. I came across the name Owen and after looking up the meaning we realized its a form of Evan; which happens to be my husbands fathers name. Justin was set after that and we added Wayne as it is my husbands middle name and his fathers. We didn’t know what we were having for sure, but I knew we were having a boy. Justin came up with a girls name just in case, Lael (Lay-el). We both really like this as we’ve never heard of any other kids with it, and it’s still in our back pocket for our 3rd.

Isabella insists on being called Isabella for anything school related. She will allow people to call her Bella, but isn’t fond of Izzy at all. We also call her Roo and Sis.

Owen goes by Baby O, Wayne-O and Bub.

photo 5(3)


Zoelie Joy – named after Franny & Zooey by JD Salinger. Colin wouldn’t let me spell it Zooey, so I was on the hunt for something a little more interesting than just Zoe. So we combined my Mom/Grandpa/Sister’s middle – Lee, with Zoe and got Zoelie. I wanted it to be pronounced correctly  – Zo-eh-lee, but no one says the “eh” part. Her middle is Joy, after my Mema who didn’t actually have a middle name so my cousin and I gave her the middle name Joy when we were about 5 or 6, my sister Hannah Joy, Colin’s Aunt Patty Joy & sister Lauren Joy. She was almost named Charlotte Evelyn. If she had been a boy, she would have been Owen Derek.

Nicknames: Zo, Zozo, Zozie, Zazu, Sissy, Roly Poly Zoelie

Allister Colby – named after the pop-punk band Allister, her middle is after our good friend Donald Colby who the girls call Uncle Pino. She was almost named Allister Mae. If she had been a boy, she would have been Allister Jude, Jude Owen, or Cohen Jude.

Nicknames: Alli, Allibug, Bug, Alli-baba, Alligator, Alli-oop.

Penelope Lauren – named after a Hanson song, Penny & Me, as well as Penny Lane by the Beatles. We were undecided on a name forever. Lauren was my tribute to Colin’s sister, which he was into. She was almost named Arya (think Game of Thrones, not Pretty Little Liars). If she was a boy, she would have been Rocket James. (Seriously.)

Nicknames: Penny, Penn, Pen-a-lope, Penells, Penellie, Pennaroo, and most commonly, PennyPie.

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Our kids names don’t have any deep meanings or anything as fancy as that.  We like TV, so we picked names that come from TV or movies that we liked (not always named AFTER the character but sometimes)  and their middle names are all family names and we switch off every other kid.   Whoever’s turn it is has no say in the middle name.
Landen Gus- Landen came from the movie “A Walk To Remember” and Gus is my paternal grandfathers first name and my father and brothers middle name.
Gage Harold-  Gage is from Pet Cemetery (yes that’s morbid) and Harold is Mr. Squish’s paternal grandfathers first name
Seven Julia- Seven is from Star Trek Voyager…NOT Seinfeld, I hate Seinfeld…and Julia is my paternal grandmothers name
Dexter John- Dexter is from…Dexter (again yes we are morbid) and John is Mr. Squish’s maternal grandfather (technically step-grandfather, but his biological grandfather died before he was born)
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Atticus Walter Pearse
He got his name at birth. We met him, we stared at him, we fell in love and then named him. I went into birth thinking he would be a “Kevin,” just like his daddy, but my Kevin surprised me. We both loved the book and film, To Kill A Mockingbird, and the name Atticus is both strong and unique.
Getting to know Atticus over the last year and a half has definitely reaffirmed my decision in giving him this name. It fits him very well.


And there you have it!

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  1. Katie Crawford -  June 29, 2013 - 11:58 pm

    I love all the names! I’m going to share mine! Cambria got her name from Coheed and Cambria. She was originally going to be Cambria Zephyr Sue, (RHCP), but ended up being Peony Sue (My favorite flower). Sue because it is my grandma’s middle name, and Seth’s mom’s middle name.
    If she would have been a boy she would have been Coheed Emo Ray (Emo=Seth’s dad’s middle name, Ray=my dad’s middle name) OR Atticus Inferno (Inferno is Coheed and Cambria related.

    Nicknames: Cambi Bam, Cambi Sue, Cambi Jo, Squirrel Girl, Bean Machine, Robot Baby, Girl Bird. =)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. -  January 24, 2014 - 8:35 pm

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